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Homework in Grade 3:
    Miss Masse and Miss Rowe are working as a third grade team to choose to change the face of homework in order to help students to deepen the level of thinking they are doing when they leave school and to create a more organic relationship between students’ learning and thinking at school and at home. Picture this: your student comes home ecstatic that they can tell time! Talk to your child about what time it is at various times throughout the evening. You could prompt by saying, “What time is it NOW Annie?”. Or even stretch their thinking further by inquiring, “So, I started cooking the pizza 20 minutes ago and it is now 5:40… what time did I start the pizza James?”  By you, as the adult, and your student, collaborating to transfer your student’s learning and thinking to all aspects of their life, we are showing our children that learning and thinking happen seamlessly throughout our days. There is a purpose behind students’ work at school and this shows them just that!

Science and Social Studies:
 Our third grade scientists have studied our solar system and various types of rocks as well as weathering and erosion. We are switching our thinking to become historians and geographers for the next couple weeks! We are excited to learn what a cartographer is and to become one ourselves!

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