Welcome to my AMS Website......   Here you will find information for the classes that I teach as well as some Team Cadillac information.   Please feel free to contact me with any questions at klariviere@auburnschl.edu.  All of my assignment are posted on Google Classroom -have students sign in with their google account. 

To Team Cadillac

Dates to Remember.... 
August 28th- New Transfer Student Orientation (Tour) 4- 5pm 
                          Open House and Popsicle Night  5pm-6pm
August 29th - First Day of School 

Early Dismissal Dates:  9/12,  10/17,  11/7,  12/5,  1/9,   2/6,   3/6,   4/3,   5/1

Help your Middle Schooler be Successful!
1. Attendance is critical : students who miss class time miss the opportunity to gain information, complete assignments, and participate in class discussions.

2. Organization- Students have a variety of assignments to keep track of from different teachers. A planner will help them be organized, or find some other way to keep track of assignments. ( electronic solution - Google Keep is a great app!) 

3. Help your teen be prepared and ready to learn by making sure they are 
getting enough sleep, have their bag ready, the laptop charged, and ask them about their day and what they are learning.  *Your interest matters to your teen!

 Want to be part of our PTO - please feel free to email me and I will share your information with our members. 

 Want to help raise money for our PTO?    
 Help raise money for Auburn Middle School!  Bring your bottles to Roopers on Minot Avenue and be sure to mention "Auburn Middle School PTO".  All money raised will benefit AMS

Get Team Text Updates:
We are using REMIND for important updates, reminders  and information. Please email me with your students name and I will send you the code to sign up. ( It was also on the handout we gave students on step up day) 

We also have a Facebook Page -   
Team Cadillac-Class Of 2024
               This is a CLOSED group so ONLY those ACCEPTED to join are members. 

Team Supply List 
* planner/ agenda book - some way to keep track of assignments 
*  2 Non-spiral Composition notebooks (Sci and Math)
*  2-Two-pocket folder-(Sci and Math) 
* 3 ring binder 1” or bigger-( ELA ) 
* Notebook with lined paper-(ELA) 
* Reading Book for SSR 
* Headphones / earbuds 
* Colored Pencils/Markers/Sharpies 
* Pens/Pencils

Helpful but not required: Homework folder, Locker shelf, pencil case, 
                            glue sticks, water bottle,  

    Please  see the sidebar on the left for all of your  Math, Language Arts and CORE needs.