Welcome to my AMS Website......   Here you will find information for the classes that I teach as well as some Team Cadillac information.   Please feel free to contact me with any questions at klariviere@auburnschl.edu

To Team Cadillac

Dates to Remember.... 

 August 30th   7:30 : First Day of School for Students!!
 September 4th  :No School - Labor Day
September 6th - AMS Open House 6pm - 7pm 
 September 13th  : Picture Day
 October 6th :No School - Teacher Workshop Day
 October 9th :No School - Columbus Day
 November 10th  :No School - Veteran's Day
 November 22nd, 23rd, and 24th  :No School  Thanksgiving Break
 December 1st  :Trimester 1 End
 December 22nd -:January 1st  Winter Break

Welcome! Ryan Jurewicz  
        Cadillac's new Language Arts Teacher

Grading - All Grading will be done through Empower
*Information will be forthcoming to help Parents and students Login. 
   Powerschool will be used for attendance only. 
What does grading look like in Proficiency Based Learning?
It is grading based on a four point proficiency scale as opposed to the 100 point scale. It provides information about what a student has learned, and is still working on, in a way that an average on a 100 point scale does not. 
How will students make progress?
Teachers will evaluate student progress using a combination of Formative assessments  on going smaller task, check points throughout learning)  and Summative Assessments( culminating tasks : end of unit tests, essays.. etc.. )
When beginning a course students will be introduced to the learning targets (stepping stones towards meeting standards) and scales that define the learning expectations and the criteria for the 2, 3 and 4. As their learning progresses, their learning target scores will improve. 

Two Ways to Help Your Middle Schooler be Successful 
1. Attendance is critical - students who miss class time miss the opportunity to gain information, complete assignments, and participate in class discussions.

2. Help your teen be prepared and ready to learn by making sure they are 
getting enough sleep, have their bag ready, lap top is charged, and asking them about their day and what they are learning.

*Your interest matters to your teen!
Want to help raise money for our PTO?    
 Help raise money for Auburn Middle School!  Bring your bottles to Roopers on Minot Avenue and be sure to mention "Auburn Middle School PTO".  All money raised will benefit AMS

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Cadillac School Supply List:
Must Haves: pencils, paper, red pens, ear buds, calculator,                           
                         1 1/2 " binder, Independent reading book ( may get one from our 
                             library or classroom library if needed)  
Most importantly.....A positive attitude and a growth mind set

Helpful but not required: Homework folder, Locker shelf, pencil case, 
                            glue sticks, water bottle, planner/assignment book * 
* It is very important that students have a way to keep track of assignments
 * A planner or assignment notebook,

however they may use the laptop provided to them by the school if that works best for them.
                                  * Googlekeep is an app that all students have access to with                                                    their computers it can also work on their phones as well so they can access it at home. 

    Please  see the sidebar on the left for all of your  Math, Language Arts and CORE needs.