Mr. Mains
About Me:  

    I'm Mr. Mains and I am new to the Auburn Middle School this year.  Last spring, I graduated from the University of New England as an Elementary Education major.  I am now teaching math on Team Bradbury and am loving every second of it. 

Classroom Vision

    Math class this year is going to be quite different then what we are all used to.  I am implementing the customized learning style into my classroom, which means that each student is able to truly work at their own pace.  This also means that students are largely responsible for their own learning.  Of course,  I am here to facilitate learning and guide my students as they need me.  Given that each student is working at a different pace, however, there are rarely any definitive homework assignments.  Instead, students are asked to assign themselves work and to keep up with it on a daily basis.  

    As you may  have heard, the Auburn School District is moving toward a proficiency-based curriculum.  In fact, this group of seventh graders are set to be the first class that graduates with a proficiency-based portfolio.  This type of portfolio will focus more on the skills that each student has acquired during his/her time in school, rather than focus on the grades that they achieve in each class.  To prepare them for life at the high school, I have decided to adopt this ideology.  As seventh graders, students are required to show that they are proficient in 14 different skills ranging from geometry, to algebra, to statistics. In order to meet proficiency, each student is required to get an 85 or above on various assignments.  Therefore, the grade that each student has on Powerschool can be misleading as everyone, in theory, should have at least an 85 (B-).  What we should all be focusing on instead, are the skills that each student acquires as the year progresses.

Contact Information:

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Phone Number - 207-333-6655 (ext. 2361)

Room #225

Upcoming Meetings:

Parent/Teacher Conferences are coming up in November. Please be looking out for any handouts that may be coming home regarding conference schedules.


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