ELHS School Spirit Week
"Most Spirited Department"  
Back to Back Champions
 (Front row: Mr. Bruce, Mrs. Latuscha. Mr. Delorme
Back row: Mr. Lepage, Ms. McLean, Ms. Towns, Mr. Beauparlant, Mrs. Heidrich, Mr. Bisher, and Mr. McKinnon)

**Note: The Social Studies Department works hard to keep parents informed about students' progress and performance. If you want to know more about your student's standing in a class, please refer to Powerschool. If you need additional information or resources, please see the teacher's website, if available. Should you want to know more, please contact the teacher directly via e-mail or phone. 
Mrs. Julie Latuscha, Co-Department Chair
Room 229 | jlatuscha@auburnschl.edu | x2831 
History 103 (Bridge Year): Syllabus
History 104 (Bridge Year): Syllabus
AP United States History: Syllabus
AP Psychology 155: Syllabus

Ms. Erin Towns, Co-Department Chair
Room 226 | etowns@auburnschl.edu | x2926 | website
Contemporary Global Issues 111: Syllabus coming for Spring 2019
Honors Selected Topics in World History 119: Syllabus
Maine Studies 141: Syllabus
World Issues 142: Syllabus

Mr. Paul Beauparlant 
Room 231 | pbeauparlant@auburnschl.edu | x2931
Selected Topics in World History 120C: Syllabus
Sociology 144C: Syllabus
Comparative Religious Studies: Syllabus

Mr. Miles Bisher
Room 228 | mbisher@auburnschl.edu | x2833
American History 130: Syllabus
American History 131: Syllabus
Street Law: Syllabus

Mr. Richard Bruce 
Room 232 | rbruce@auburnschl.edu | x2932 
African American Studies: Syllabus
American History 130: Syllabus
Psychology 150: Syllabus

Mr. Matt Closson
Room 128 | mclosson@auburnschl.edu | x2828
American History-LS 869
American History 870
Civics 872
Civics 894Y
World Issues 887

Mrs. Jenn Heidrich
Room 225 | jheidrich@auburnschl.edu | x2803 | website
Honors Selected Topics in World History 119: Syllabus
World Issues 142: Syllabus
End of the World- Climate Change, Environmental and US Policy: Syllabus

Mr. Jon Delorme
Room 233 | jdelorme@auburnschl.edu | x
Civics and Citizenship 115: Syllabus
Honors Civics and Citizenship 116: Syllabus
Selected Topics in World History 120C: Syllabus

Mr. Marc Lepage
Room 234 | mlepage@auburnschl.edu | x2934 
Civics and Citizenship 115: Syllabus
Honors Civics and Citizenship 116: Syllabus
AP American Government 140: Syllabus 
Mock Trial: Syllabus

Ms. Alyssa McLean
Room 227 | amclean@auburnschl.edu x2927 | website
Contemporary Issues in Politics 112: Syllabus coming for Spring 2019
History of Contemporary Music 114: Syllabus
American History 131: Syllabus
Honors American History 135: Syllabus

Mr. Shaun McKinnon
Room 230 | smckinnon@auburnschl.edu | x2930
Civics and Citizenship 115: Syllabus
Honors Civics and Citizenship 116: Syllabus
Psychology 150: Syllabus

Mrs. Sandy Whiting 
Room 110 | swhiting@auburnschl.edu | x2810 
Civics-LS 856
Daily Living 868
Study/Social Skills 867