There are many different places to search for scholarships to help make college more affordable—a great place to
start is in 
the Guidance Office!

There are, generally speaking, three types of scholarships that you should look at:

1. ELHS Scholarships: Generous donations from the ELHS Community make these scholarships possible for local
students.  The ELHS Community is incredibly giving and donates  money to scholarships that are awarded to seniors
each spring.   The application forms for these scholarships will become available in the spring of your senior year. Local
scholarships are the best place to start. 

2. Scholarships awarded by your college or university: This type of scholarship might include a Merit Scholarship,
Trustee Scholarship, Presidential Scholarships, Athletic Scholarship, Music Scholarship, etc.  Sometimes you must send
in an additional essay to apply for a scholarship at a particular college, and sometimes you are automatically in the
running just by submitting your application.  Some colleges will only consider students who apply before the a specific
date to qualify for institutional scholarships. 
The UMaine priority date is December 15th.  At some colleges SAT scores
alone can qualify you for a Merit Scholarship, though most colleges look at a combination of GPA, level of coursework,
and test scores. Be sure to check with your college admissions office about applying for these scholarships.

3. Outside scholarships: There are many state and national scholarships that students can apply for each year.  For
example, the Mitchell Institute awards a scholarship to a top student at every Maine high school who plans to attend college
in Maine (you have to apply to be eligible!).  There are many other scholarships available nationally--you can search online
for these scholarships.  Some of them are extremely competitive.

Please see Mrs. Bishop in the Guidance Office to pick up scholarship applications and to request your transcript. 
The link to her Scholarship Document is HERE or in the menu at the left.

                                                                            BEWARE OF SCAMS!

One thing to remember: NEVER pay a website to perform a scholarship search for you!  Businesses that claim to find
students scholarship opportunities for a fee are typically scams, and will at best yield results comparable to the many
free scholarship searches that are available.