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New Instructional Technology Website - New Google Sites

Tech Engages June 2018: Living Computers Museum + Labs

Fourth grade classrooms at Gildo Rey, Pioneer, Terminal Park, and Washington Elementary schools travelled to 1st Avenue in downtown Seattle, WA to visit the Living Computers Museum + Labs. One of only two museums like it in the country, the Living Computers Museum houses operational computers dating from the 1960’s. Nearly 100 students from each school were able to attend the museum in efforts to expand their perceptions surrounding the history of computers while also participating in a computer science learning activity.

Teachers attending the trip rated the overall experience as a 9.5/10 and raved about the interactive nature of the museum. A teacher from Pioneer stated, “The museum was very kid friendly and well planned out. It was great that it was student centered with the focus on student involvement instead of teacher directed!”

Attendees participated in a hands on STEM learning activity developing understanding around computer hardware while also exploring vintage computers including an Apple II, a Commodore 64 and a CDC 6500 supercomputer!

Explore more about this amazing experience located right in your backyard by visiting https://livingcomputers.org/.

Tech Educates May 2018: Adobe Spark


Classrooms have seen a spike in creativity and student voice since the introduction of Adobe Spark in classrooms at Mt. Baker Middle School. Stunning graphics, web pages, and video stories are being created easily in minutes using this to newly integrate programs in Language Arts and Social Studies, although it has potential for use across all subject areas.

Adobe Spark allows students to create modern looking social media posts, webpages, or videos containing amazing levels of customization. Our kids are transitioning to modern day presentation tools using tools like Google Slides and video editing programs, and Adobe Spark provides a great transition between the two mediums. The web-based tool eliminates much of the hard work around video edits and scripting websites, allowing them more time to be creative and focus on telling their story. Completed projects can be shared instantly to social media sites, linked on Google Classroom, or sent via email for free, allowing for immediate global impact.

“I love that Adobe Spark is so user friendly. It has allowed my students to demonstrate their understanding of our course material in a polished and professional final product, and has given my students the confidence to try more complicated creation sites as well. They really enjoy working with Adobe Spark and viewing the completed projects of their classmates!” - Lindsey K.

“My 7th graders were the most engaged I’ve seen this year! Using Adobe Spark has allowed me to combine my curriculum and technology in a way that engages students, incorporates critical skills such as digital citizenship, and teaches students the power of graphics, presentation, and audience. Spark is a great stepping stone to more complex creation sites and can be used by students of any age!” -Keegan R.

For more information on Adobe Spark, visit https://spark.adobe.com/home/.

Keegan Ryan & Lindsey Keaton

7th and 8th Grade English Language Arts

Mt. Baker Middle School

Tech Engages - Tech Educates - Tech Empowers April 2018: #techconnect3.0

Our annual Instructional Technology event, #techconnect3.0, was another big hit this year with over 200 teachers attending technology integration sessions led by Auburn School District teachers! Teachers continue to rave about the growth experienced at this event. Check out more details regarding the day here.

Tech Empowers March 2018: New Google Sites

As teachers in Auburn transition to New Google Sites, students are helping lead the way in creating their own sites around the school district. At Lake View Elementary, several teachers have piloted an approach to student-led conferences by using student-created Google Sites to represent their progress in several subject areas this year. 

Based on John Hattie’s claim that self-reported grades rank third in measurements of efficacy of an intervention or education practice, students were able to express their goals for the 2017-18 school year and beyond in a format highlighting the ease of use found in New Google Sites. In creating webpages, student capacity to anticipate grades before receiving their report cards increased, proving to reduce stress and increase parent engagement in the conferences.

Have you tried making a New Google Site?

Tech Engages February 2018: Augmented Reality

Auburn Mountainview had the unique opportunity to help beta test a new app by Google: Google Expeditions AR. AR, or Augmented Reality, is when you bring a virtual object into your own environment. This is different from Virtual Reality, or VR, where you place yourself in a whole virtual environment. Jessica Lee, Japanese teacher and ITSS, hosted the Google representative and coordinated teachers from a variety of subject areas visiting the library throughout the day to go on expeditions with their classes. They had the opportunity to explore Ancient Rome, Da Vinci's Inventions, the Solar System, Famous Statues, and more.

Note: Must be logged into ASD Google Account to view.

Tech Empowers January 2018: Redesigning Libraries for Collaboration & Innovation
At Auburn Riverside High School, librarian Lisa Gallinatti is transforming the library from one where students only consume information to one in which they can create, collaborate, and problem solve in new ways. She has redesigned new work spaces in the library that include small group work tables with smart TVs at which students can connect their Chromebooks for collaborative viewing and work. 

Here students are viewing/analyzing Jacob Lawrence's art to help them better understand Frederick Douglas’ The Fugitive. Lisa shares, “Viewing the art on the TVs was so much better then via the LCD projectors which tend to diminish/washout the colors.” In other instances, teachers/classes have used the space to jigsaw activities benefiting by small group viewing and responding. We can’t wait to see what comes out of the ARHS library next!

Tech Educates November/December: A celebration!
Auburn School District has received a School of TechXcellence Award from District Administration magazine! 

TechXcellence was created by District Administration magazine, in conjunction with HP and Intel, to recognize schools that have implemented innovative, effective and replicable technology programs that contribute meaningfully to student or operational success. The December 2017 honorees were selected by the program’s judges from numerous nominations, and reflect programs that demonstrate effective and replicable success. Auburn School District was honored for its TechConnect professional development efforts. 

The Department of Technology would like to congratulate and thank our TechConnect presenters for their hard work and dedication to the Auburn School District!

Tech Engages October 2017: Virtual Reality 
Since the arrival of a virtual reality kit, via a Computer Science grant, nearly 1,000 students at Pioneer and Gildo Rey Elementary Schools have studied a variety of computer and science topics through the use of Google Expeditions.

Google Expeditions uses a group of 360 degree pictures and interactive goggles to engage students in an immersive educational experience. The use of virtual reality helps students engage in the learning material in a personal way and provides a controlled, schema-building experience, much like going on a field trip. Using a
teacher tablet to share a collection of pictures to Android phones docked into virtual reality headsets, students are led through an exploration of concepts selected by teachers to deconstruct meaning from images. Elementary school teachers, librarians and computer science specialists are collaborating across the district to support NGSS and technology standards while promoting media literacy.

“Students are very enthusiastic about using virtual reality to learn content area information. This tool helps students engage in a richer multimedia format to develop unique and memorable learning experiences.”

For more information on Google Expeditions, visit https://edu.google.com/expeditions/#about.

Shawn Welsh
Librarian & Instructional Technology Support Specialist
Gildo Rey Elementary School

Tech Empowers September 2017: 1:1 Secondary Roll Out!

1:1 take home launch is here! Over 8,700 Chromebooks have been distributed in all ASD middle and high schools this month! 

The initiative is realized thanks to the direction and advice of the District Technology Advisory Committee; the development of online family resources by the business and technology departments; staff training provided by secondary teachers and technology department staff; physical labor from Support Services and the technology department; and support from secondary front office and building-based technology support staff. 

Thank you to everyone working tirelessly to provide a 21st century learning environment for our students! We are in the process of fulfilling our 2014 levy promise to provide digital resources to students where and when they need them.

Support resources continue to be created with support from staff and shared among schools, among them: