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Mrs. Hatashita - 7th Grade Math

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Moby Max Link: www.mobymax.com/ca2406

Khan Academy Assignment: 4/9 Link

 Chapter 9 Topics
Math Antics - Circles, What is Pi- Link
Math Antics - Circles, Area and Circumference - Link
Circles- Area and Circumference Practice Worksheet - link

    Chapter 8 Topics
Math Antics - Angle Basics- Link
Math Antics - Angles & Degrees - Link
Angles in a Triangle Practice Worksheet - Link

    Chapter 6 Topics
Math Antics - Solving Basic Equations Part 1- Link
Math Antics - Solving Basic Equations Part 2 - Link
Math Antics - Solving 2 Step Equations - Link
Tarver Academy - Inequalities - Link

    Chapter 5 Topics
Tuesday 1/29: Khan Academy Assignment - Solving Word Problems Link
Tuesday 1/23: Khan Academy Assignment -Die rolling probability Link
-Probability Quiz Questions LInk
Tuesday 1/16: Khan Academy Assignment - Finding Percents Link
Chapter 6 Book Pages: Link

MATH LAB ST-MATH LINK:    ST Math Entrance         
Homework is generally given every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday night. 

Contact Information:

Mrs. Hatashita 
Room #13

Click on each day for Classwork and Homework agenda. 
WU: Warm Up
CW: Classwork
HW: Homework

*Math 7 Missing/Late Assignments Policy: Late/missing work will only be accepted before the Chapter Test in which it was assigned. Once we have moved on to a new chapter, I will not accept previous chapters missing work.