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Automagical Differentiation & Adaptive Instruction


Our students are not all the same so a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching is not going to meet the needs of each learner. In this session learn how you can differentiate learning tasks for groups of students using Google Drive and the white magic of Apps Scripts and Add-ons. We will also explore how to provide adaptive instruction, including formative feedback, based on a student’s understanding using Google Forms, YouTube and Gmail. Chromebooks or laptops are recommended. Participants with tablet devices will find it hard to participate in the hands-on sections of this session.

Strands: #intermediate, #advanced, #gettinggeeky

Session Resources

Sample starters

Sample Branching Logic Form

Differentiation and Adaptive Instruction YouTube Playlist

HIgafesummit - Diff Docty Project - 3/20/15