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Scroll down to Elementary Home Physical Education Content Packet and find your grade level and start on week one activities.  Make sure your getting 30-60 minutes of physical activity each day!!

Elementary PE E-Learning assignment k-5: 

The DEAM  (Drop Everything And Move) Calendar is a calendar that encourages families to become more physically active and to take steps toward a healthier lifestyle. Each day, students are asked to complete a different activity with a family member (or with adult supervision).

You can upload pictures of you being physically active on this form: Upload pictures of you being physically active

PE K-5

Fun Active Games for Home

ADDITIONAL BRAIN BREAKS AND EXERCISE!  Take a brain break every 30 to 60 minutes.  Try things like gonoodle.com, YouTube brain breaks, make up your own routine just get moving today!  

Send me pictures of your brain breaks!!

Today was also going to be Breakfast in the Classroom so now that you are home take a picture of your Healthy Breakfast and send my way!!


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