Members Only Resources

How do I access them? What is my Username and Password?
If you are an intern, resident, fellow, DME/ADME, Coordinator, Program Director, or core faculty member at a Still OPTI Member Institution, you are a Still OPTI Member, and you have been issued a username and password. If you do not know this information, contact your residency coordinator or Serenity Bohon.


The first time you access your ATSU/Still OPTI account, you must do so at the following address:

1. Go to the ATSU Portal:

You will be asked to agree to the user's license at this site and then to reset your password. Please keep your username and new password in a safe location, as Still OPTI will no longer have record of it.

Once you have agreed to the license and reset your password at, from that point on, you can access all Still OPTI resources from this website.

2. Return here, to the Still OPTI website:

To access the Members-Only resources on this site:

Simply choose one of the links below the Still OPTI logo on the left. Learn how to access each below:


LInks below this heading take you to a protected section of the Still OPTI website. You may be directed to the ATSU Portal where you need only to enter your Still OPTI Username and Password, after which you will be redirected to the Members-Only section of this site. If you are signed in to another Google Account, you may be asked by Google to log in to your ATSU.EDU Google account at this time. In that case, you will need to enter:  and Your Password, after which you will be redirected to this site and its resources.


Links below this heading take you automatically to the A.T. Still Memorial Library after a log-in page that requires only your username and password (do not add “”).

*Note: You can visit the OPP & OMM Library Guide without logging in, but accessing specific resources there may require log-in.


If you have logged in before but have forgotten your password or it is not working:

Calll or email:

ATSU Help Desk

866-626-2878, ext. 2200

Let them know you are a Still OPTI Faculty Member or Resident. The Help Desk will reset your password or help you troubleshoot.

If you know your password but cannot access resources:

For resources on the Still OPTI website: Call or email:

Serenity Bohon


For resources on the A.T. Still Memorial Library website: Call or email:

866-626-2878, extension 2340


These resources are available ONLY with your ATSU/Still OPTI username and password:

Core Competency Lectures
Professional Development videos and literature
Application for Scholarly Activity / Research Funding
A.T. Still Memorial Library privileges
OMM training videos
SAFER Course
Research Mentorship Program
ACOFP OMT modules
Exam Master
Board Vitals
Research Training Course for residents

If you have any questions, just ask!