Hazardous Material/Chemical Spill Procedure

The range and quantity of hazardous substances used in University laboratories require proper pre-planning in order to respond to chemical spills. Each department chair is responsible for training and having the proper protective equipment and spill kits for the chemicals they utilize in the labs. MSDS for chemicals should be kept in the department and a copy to Facilities for the Master Book

Chemical Spills Procedures

Notify your immediate supervisor and the Biohazard Committee Chair/Radiation Safety Officer as soon as possible after the spill so clean up and decontamination (if necessary) can be determined.

For Minor Chemical Spills
  • Alert people in the immediate area of the spill, and avoid breathing vapors or particulate material such as copy toner
  • Begin clean up immediately
  • If further assistance is needed call Environmental Services, or Facilities
  • Fill out Radioactive/Chemical Spill Incident Report
For Major Chemical Spills
  • Immediately call Biohazard Committee Chair/Radiation Safety Officer, VP for Arizona Operations and contact Security Officer on Duty
  • Do not enter the contaminated area
  • Alert people to evacuate
  • If spill material is flammable, turn off ignition and heat sources
  • Close doors to affected area
  • Pull fire alarm
  • Locate Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for emergency personnel
  • Have person knowledgeable of the area assist emergency personnel
  • Fill out Radioactive/Chemical Spill Incident Report

Important ATSU Mesa Emergency Numbers

Security Office: *7 from any campus phone
Switchboard :– 0 -
Security Phone: 480-341-9075

Security *Emergencies Only*
(On Campus) *7 from any campus phone

Mesa Police: 
(On Campus) Dial 911 
(Off Campus) Dial 911