How to File an Order of Protection

In Adair County, a Petition for Order of Protection can be filed at the Adair County Circuit Clerk’s Office located in the Adair County Court House at 106 W. Washington St., Kirksville, Mo. The Missouri Adult Abuse Act requires that court clerks explain how to file all of these necessary forms and documents. In addition, most counties have victim advocates to assist you in the process for filing for an Order of Protection, and they may even go with you to court. You are not required to have an attorney file a petition but can seek assistance from one if you so choose. After the petition is completed and returned to the clerk, the clerk will present the petition to the judge as soon as possible. The judge will review your petition and decide what action to take. The clerk will contact you and let you know what action was taken. You may be asked to testify at a hearing at some time during the process.