Agencies issuing weather announcements use the terms watch and warning when referring to tornados.  These terms are defined as follows:

TORNADO WATCH means conditions are favorable for the possibility that a tornado might develop.

TORNADO WARNING means a funnel cloud has been sighted and you need to take the necessary precautions.

  1. ATSU will not announce a watch since this is so common during springtime.
  2. It is suggested that those with radios be tuned in for weather data when it appears that threatening weather may be in the area.

  1. When a TORNADO WARNING is issued for the Kirksville area, a notification received by the Help Desk and/or NRMC Switchboard  from the Weather Channel will be distributed to all on the Kirksville Campus.    After receiving the e-mail and/or hearing the overhead page, departments are to proceed with the following procedures.
  2. Move all people to an inner room or hall where there are no outside windows, or move them to the designated area.  Be sure to account for all staff.
  3. If time permits, move all people to a basement area. 
  4. Remain in those areas until an “all clear” is given.
  5. Avoid all areas where flying debris may occur.  Close fire doors when appropriate and if time permits.

Important ATSU Kirksville Emergency Numbers

Security Emergency and non-emergency
(On Campus) ext. 33
(Off Campus) 1-660-349-9513

Kirksville Police: 
(On Campus) Dial 9-911 
(Off Campus) Dial 911