Text Message OPT-IN

ATSU takes security and your well being very seriously. In an effort to keep you informed if there is an emergency situation on the Missouri campus, we have established a text-message notification process. How does it work? 

In the event of an emergency on the Missouri campus, a text message will be sent to your cell phone notifying you of the emergency, your immediate action, and where to find additional information. 

How do I participate? 
Fill in your cell phone number, name, and email address, and press submit. 

Do I have to participate? 
While participation is optional, if your cell phone plan supports text messaging, you are strongly encouraged to sign up. 

Will I get spam or other text messages by signing up? 
No. This service will be used for emergency notification only. We will test the system once or twice a year and you may be included in that test. This list will not be used for any other purpose.