When evacuation poses danger and upon direction by the campus incident commander, local emergency management, or law enforcement, etc., individuals should remain inside a locked structure to protect themselves from danger external to the building.

Shelter-in-place is a temporary sheltering technique (e.g., 30 minutes to several hours) utilized to limit exposure to dangerous situations. Once alerted, occupants of any building within the subject area will lock all doors and windows and follow all directions. Shelter-in-place continues until an “all clear” signal has been received via overhead paging, text messaging, and/or email.

Types of events triggering shelter-in-place
  • Hazardous material spill near campus
  • Severe weather
  • Crime scene near campus
  • Active threat/active shooting near campus
  • Riot/large uprising near campus
  • Other emergency situation where evacuation may pose greater risk than sheltering in place
The reason for the shelter-in-place may not be immediately communicated.

Upon receipt of an emergency notification
  • All exterior entrances and windows should be locked.
  • No one inside a campus building should leave.
  • No one outside a campus building should enter with exception of persons outside a building near an entrance at the time of the notification and who are able to quickly enter the building before it is locked.
  • Stay away from windows and exterior entrances.
  • Depending upon the type of event, individuals may be instructed to not leave their office or classroom. In some instances, classes and other campus functions may be allowed to continue.
  • Monitors may be placed at some doors to allow authorized access.
  • Instructions and updates will be announced or distributed by text messaging and/or email.
  • No one will be allowed to leave until the “all clear” signal is received.

Kirksville and Mesa Emergency Numbers


Security Emergency and non-emergency 
(On Campus) ext. 33
(Off Campus) 1-660-349-9513

Kirksville Police: 
(On Campus) Dial 9-911 
(Off Campus) Dial 911


Security Office: *7 from any campus phone
Switchboard : 0 
Security Phone: 480-341-9075

Security *Emergencies Only*
(On Campus) *7 from any campus phone

Mesa Police: 
(On Campus) Dial 911 
(Off Campus) Dial 911