Serious Injury or Illness

  • Do not attempt to move the injured person unless necessary for immediate safety
  • Do not leave the person unattended if possible
  • Notify the Adair County Ambulance by calling 9.911 from a Campus phone or 911 from a non-Campus phone or 660.665.5621 Adair County Central Dispatch
  • Contact ATSU Security to report to the emergency
  • The Vice President for Student Affairs, ext 2236, or designee will notify the person(s) designated as emergency contacts on a student’s application form
  • The director of Human Resources, ext 2790, will make contacts for employees
  • University personnel or students caring for injured or ill person should avoid exposure to blood or body fluids unless wearing proper protective equipment, gloves, goggles etc
  • Security or Employees Supervisor will complete an accident/injury report



Important ATSU Kirksville Emergency Numbers

Security Office: 1-660-626-2380
Switchboard / Dispatch:– 0 - or – 626-2121 

Security Emergency and non-emergency
(On Campus) ext. 33
(Off Campus) 1-660-349-9513

Kirksville Police: 
(On Campus) Dial 9-911 
(Off Campus) Dial 911