An evacuation will be initiated when it is necessary for people to exit the building(s). An evacuation may be total (affecting the entire campus) or partial (affecting only a portion of the campus).

Types of events triggering an evacuation
  • Fire or fire drill
  • Bomb threat
  • Hazardous material emergency
  • Power failure
Upon receipt of an emergency notification
  • Remain calm.
  • Turn off computer, time permitting.
  • Take personal items, only if time permits.
  • Each department has a map posted in the area showing the best route for evacuation, and all should follow this route out of the building.
  • Always use stairs. Do not use elevators.
  • Remain quiet during evacuation to hear any directions.
  • Close all doors upon leaving an area.
  • Persons with access and functional needs requiring extra assistance to evacuate should move to, or be taken to, designated stairwell landings to wait for assistance by trained first responders.
  • Logs/records/files: Some departments have logs or files vital to that department. Departments should plan ahead. If vital logs or files may be easily carried, a person should be assigned the responsibility of picking them up as he or she leaves. If this is not practical, plan how vital logs or files may be quickly placed in a safe area. In a fire, more damage is done by water than fire, so even placing items in a desk drawer provides some protection.
Following an evacuation
  • Remain calm.
  • Do NOT go back into the building.
  • Once in a safe area, stay visible, and do not leave. Persons not accounted for may be assumed to be missing and in need of rescue.
  • Supervisors should account for occupants from their respective areas and notify authorities immediately if someone is missing. Follow instructions by those in authority.
  • Wait for the “all clear” from appropriate authorities before leaving or returning to the building.

Kirksville and Mesa Emergency Numbers


Security Emergency and non-emergency 
(On Campus) ext. 33
(Off Campus) 1-660-349-9513

Kirksville Police: 
(On Campus) Dial 9-911 
(Off Campus) Dial 911


Security Office: *7 from any campus phone
Switchboard : 0 
Security Phone: 480-341-9075

Security *Emergencies Only*
(On Campus) *7 from any campus phone

Mesa Police: 
(On Campus) Dial 911 
(Off Campus) Dial 911