Email/Cyber-security Threat


Personal threat or harassment by email may be directed at an individual, or it may be part of a larger cyber emergency.

Email threats, like threats received via other communication methods, should be taken seriously until proven otherwise.

Immediate action
  • Do NOT delete the message.
  • If physical harm is threatened, contact campus security immediately. (In Mesa, dial 0 from a campus phone or dial 480.219.6000 or 480.341.9075 from a non-campus phone. In Kirksville, dial 33 from a campus phone or dial 660.626.2380 or 660.349.9513.)
  • Also, contact the ITS service desk.
  • If the threat is limited to cyber-crime activity (e.g., a disruption of services, an indication University data has been or will be breached, an indication University data is being held for ransom), contact ITS.
  • Print out a copy of the email message. Include the message‚Äôs header information, as well as any date/time stamp data associated with the message.
  • Take a screenshot or photograph of the displayed threat.