ATSU Emergency Notification

ATSU Emergency Notification Service

ATSU takes security and your well-being very seriously. In an effort to keep you informed if there is an emergency situation on or near the Kirksville campus, we have established an emergency alert notification process utilizing the RAVE Mobile Safety system.

How does it work? 
In the event of an emergency on the Kirksville campus, a message will be sent to you depending on how you have your RAVE account set set up. This message can be sent to three cell phones, three email accounts and/or three landlines per account. This message will notify you of the emergency, your immediate action, and where to find additional information. 

Do I have to participate? 
All employees and students are automatically enrolled in the system using their ATSU email account,. once you are enrolled you will receive an email from Rave, with the subject line "ATSU Emergency Notification System". This email will contain your username and password. You are also strongly encouraged to also set up text message number(s), voice message number(s), and additional email addresses. While participation via text messaging is optional, if your cell phone plan supports text messaging, you are strongly encouraged to sign up. 

You must sign up for a Group in order to receive Alerts

How do I start receiving emergency notifications for my campus (Mesa, Kirksville, St. Louis, etc.)?
  1. Login here and follow the steps as shown in the animation below.
  2. Add your mobile phone number. More than one mobile phone number can be added. (shown below)
  3. Opt-in to a Group (campus location). You can join more than one Group (campus location). (shown below)

Will I get spam or other text messages by signing up? 
No. This service will be used for emergency notification only. We will test the system once or twice a year and you may be included in that test. This list will not be used for any other purpose. 

Other local emergency notifications: