Self-Paced Math: Concept Mastery and More

I will discuss what I do in my self-paced/flipped classroom that pertains to both my students mastering content and teaching essential skills that go beyond the classroom. This will include the tools that I use for the lessons, everyday class structure and how I have moved to a skills-based approach for assessment. I will use my Geometry unit on Surface Area/Volume as an example of lessons and assessments.

My information:
Sean Foster
4th Year Teacher, 2nd Year Self-Paced/Personalized Learning
Abingdon-Avon High School

I welcome all visitors to my classroom. If you would like to know more about what I have done with self-paced learning or visit my classroom please send me an email.

Web page Structure
1. Basics
    1. Audio Recordings
    2. General Structure
    3. Progress Tracking by Teacher

2. Personalization
    1. Videos
    2. Practice Problems
    3. Quizzes

3. Skills/Assessments
    1. Skill Checklists
    2. Rubrics
    3. Quizzes, Grading and Corrections

4. What is Self-Paced
    1. Due Dates
    2. 4/6/21 Rule and 0's

5. The Students
    1. Students Who are Ahead
    2. Students Who are Behind
    3. One-on-One Time