About Us

About Us

A Snap Shot: 1984 to Present

ATM, Inc. has been involved in a broad variety of projects and industries. When the Company was conceived, our plans were to design and build devices used in surface analysis and spectroscopy. We wanted to build specialty vacuum and laboratory equipment. Because these devices required implementation of several technologies and disciplines, it seemed natural to name the company Associated Technologies and Manufacturing.

Although we did indeed build a number of these devices and still do on occasions, other areas of business have become more prominent over the years. Some of the more recognizable projects we have participated in are:

PVC Window Manufacturing, The Twin Keck Telescopes, Silicon Crystal Growth, Chip Manufacturing, Movie Sets, Sears Quick Change Tooling, Advil, Naproxen, Fine Wines, Architectural Elements, Kiosk/Directories For Malls From Coast To Coast, Parking Lot Lighting, Power Transmission, Switch Gear and Controls, Printing Presses, Handicap Vehicles, Fiber Glass Doric Columns, Dental Implants, Vending Machines, Many Chemical Processing Projects

Our Mission

Quality Products and Services, Quality Partner Relationships

The Corporate mission of ATM is to provide quality products and services to clients and to establish continuing relationships with these clients based on our superior service and value. We regard our customers and suppliers as virtual partners and intend to continuously improve the quality of these relationships as well as the quality of our products and services.

The atm Logo

Trademark of Our Company

atm, written in the lower case, is the abbreviation for the unit of measure one atmosphere. Our logo includes this abbreviation, the electron rings from a helium atom, and the beam from a X-ray. Helium is used to leak test high and ultra high vacuum equipment. Also tied to the name is our dedication to develop associations with other companies and individuals.