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Primary Source Texts for Talmud Class
Tractate Berachot - 6th Perek
Rambam - Hilchot Berachot (11 chapters)

Introduction/Overview to Talmud Program

Headlines in Halakha

Daf Alef

Introduction to Berachot in General and to Gemara Brura in Particular
   Practice DCC Method: Mishna, Talmud

   Start Rambam Program

Essence of a Beracha
Berachot on Drinks
   Wine, oil, any other drinks

   Short unit on Wine processing
     and Jewish Law with Yayin Nesech

Situations Where No Beracha is Made
   Food that injures
   Unkosher food?

Ikkur and Tofel
   Gain clarity on this difficult sugya

Beracha on Fruits and Vegetables
   Main fruits, secondary fruits

   Mashed fruits, chummus, etc.

Mezonot Products
   Granola bars, rice cakes, etc

Bread/Pas Haba Bkisnin
   Pizza, deli roll, soft rretzel

What Food is Included in the Beracha of Hamotzi:
   Meal time berachot - dessert, fruit, etc

Beracha Achrona - Birkat Hamozon,
Beracha Ma'ein Shalosh, Borei Nefashot

   Analyze the text and the halakhot

Berachot on Smells
Order of Berachot