2016-2017- Archery Practice will start on 11/7/2016
Practice @ 6:00 Washigton School MS
HS is @ 7:00    

Its Never To Late To Join 

There will be an informational meeting for students 6th through 12th grade and parents interested in The Atlantic Archery Club.  The meeting will be on Oct 25th, at the Atlantic High School Commons  at 6:00 p.m. We will be covering all details of the archery club during this meeting.

The archery club is here to enhance opportunities for students. This club works very well with the schedules of all other sports and activities.

Please check out our webpage:
What will Archery Cost you:
Total cost per archer could range from $75 to $200.00
Any Family having more than 2 archers in the club in one season will only have fees for the first 2 archers

There will be some equipment open for use, but all who participate will have to invest in their own equipment. 

There will be two sides to the Archery Club-

Competition Shooting- Students who wish to travel to shooting events may choose to do so. There are shooting events in which we can attend.  There is also an Iowa Games event held in Feb. The final date of the competition will be the state tournament held in Des Moines in early March. 

Club Competition Shooting- Students who wish to just participate will be able to attend shooting dates at the old Lincoln school. 

Individual shooting times can be arranged with the Atlantic Archers-  There are also several events held starting at the end of April and going to the end of August with 3D target shooting- More info will be posted on how club members can participate in these events. 


If have any further questions you need answered you may contact 
Coach Roland, Coach Petty, Coach Williams or call Amber Jipsen At the High School

Welcome to the Atlantic Trojan Archery Club Web Page!!!!!

All indoor practices will be at Washington School building Gym Unless otherwise Notified - All practices will be posted on the Calendar page: All league events will be posted on this calendar as well. 

Student Archers: the archery club is here to enhance the programs offered at Atlantic high school. Please be aware that if you are in an activity or athletic we will always work around those schedules. Please note that I expect you to honor any commitment to other activities and athletics. Archery times, trainings and other things can be made up. Of course during the NASP part of our schedule we will need to have more shooting times etc. However, the archery club will have flexibility to meet all the archers needs. 


Please contact Coach Williams via email if you have interest in the club- jwilliams@atlanticiaschools.org

I will also be sending emails out regarding the club and when we will start our NASP training. No matter what your skill level is you will have to go through this training.