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I have been teaching in the Atlantic Community School system since 1986. I am presently teaching Modern, Middle, and Ancient World History classes at Atlantic High School. Prior to that I taught Seventh Grade Geography at Atlantic Middle School. I presently serve as the Seventh Grade Boys' Basketball coach, Eighth Grade Girls' Basketball coach and the Head Softball coach. I am originally from Clarissa, Minnesota and a graduate of the University of Minnesota-Moorhead in Moorhead, Minnesota.


This course is designed to be an examination of the fundamental historic themes that have shaped world history from the mid- twentieth century to today. Students will gain prospective as to how major events such a world war, dictatorships, the cold war, decolonization, the fall of communism, and terrorism, have impacted our modern society. 

UNIT 1: Towards World War II
UNIT 2: Start of World War II
UNIT 3: U.S. Enters World War II
UNIT 4: War in the Pacific
UNIT 5: The Cold War
UNIT 6: An Independent World
UNIT 7: The End of Communism
UNIT 8: A World of Terror


Past and present speakers to Mr. Hinzmann's Modern World History class include Bud Lindeman on the Battle of the Bulge, Clarence Phundheller on Pearl Harbor, Steve Livengood on Korean and Vietnam Wars, Goanar Choi on genocide and crisis in the Sudan, Sadia Shafique on Pakistan and Islam, Robert Hoogeveen on the Korean War, Burdette "Shorty" Parrott on being a German POW during World War II, Bea Karp on surviving the Holocaust and Auschwitz concentration camp, Anita from the AfricaELI on violent civil war in the South Sudan and Nathan Allen on the war in Afghanistan.

This course is designed to give students an in-depth look at how past cultures have impacted our modern society. We will follow the progression of history and cultural contributions of people who lived from the beginning of history through the Middle Ages.

UNIT 1: Prehistory
UNIT 2: Mesopotamia
UNIT 3: Egypt
UNIT 4: India
UNIT 5: China
UNIT 6: Greece
UNIT 7: Rome
UNIT 8: Rise of Islam
UNIT 9: Middle Age

This course is designed to be an examination of the fundamental historic themes that have shaped world history from the Middle Ages into the Twentieth Century and their impact on our modern society.

UNIT 1: Renaissance
UNIT 2: Empires of Africa
UNIT 3: Europe Expands to America
UNIT 4: The Moslem World Expands
UNIT 5: Kings and Queens of England
UNIT 6: The End of French Monarchy
UNIT 7: Unification of Prussia, Russia, and Austria
UNIT 8: The Industrial Revolution
UNIT 9: Imperialism
UNIT 10: World War I

   Wearing authentic Medieval attire                     Hijab from the Middle East              Ancient World class at Joslyn Art Museum

Social Studies Standards Grades 9-12 
1. Understand historical patterns, periods of time, and the relationships among these elements.
2. Understand how and why people create, maintain, or change systems of power, authority, and governance.
3. Understand the role of culture and cultural diffusion on the development and maintenance of societies.
4. Understand the role of individuals and groups within a society as promoters of change or the status quo.
5. Understand the effects of economic needs and wants on individual and group decisions.
6. Understands the effects of geographic factors on historical events.
7. Understand the role of innovation on the development and interaction of societies.
8. Understand cause and effect relationships and other historical thinking skills in order to interpret events and issues.