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Senior Exit Interviews

Senior Exit Interview

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Bullying Resources

Reporting Bullying to Schools- Assistance for Parents/Families

When bullying occurs, parents should contact the school immediately and join with the district in gathering information and conducting an inquiry and/or investigation to assure any bullying is stopped. Here are some resources that parents may find helpful in this effort.

  1. Guidelines for Parents in Reporting Bullying
  2. Worksheet for Parents in Reporting Bullying
  3. Parent Checklist in Reporting Bullying
  4. Types of Bullying
  5. Support for Bullying Issues: Websites for Parents
  6. Safety Plan When Bullying is Reported
  7. Safety Plan When Bullying is Confirmed

Welcome to Atlantic High School Guidance Website.  Please use this website as a resource to access guidance information and forms. If you have any questions, please contact Craig Fredin and Michelle Huber listed below

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