Immunization FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions - Immunizations

1.  Why do I need to provide proof of immunizations before I register for college?
New Jersey law (N.J.A.C. 8:57-6 HIGHER EDUCATION IMMUNIZATION) requires two-year institutions of higher education to apply the immunization requirements to those students registering for 12 or more credit hours of course study per semester/ term.

2. What are the immunizations that I need?
Full time students need to provide the college with proof of having received two injections of Measles vaccine and at least one injection of Mumps and Rubella vaccine, either separately or as a combined MMR vaccination , or laboratory proof of immunity to each of these infections.
Also, students must provide the college with proof of having received the Hepatitis B series (2 or 3 dose series), or laboratory proof of immunity.

3.  What is a titer?
A titer is a measurement of  antibodies found in a patient's blood. Antibody titers can tell the doctor if the student has  immunity  to diseases such as measles, mumps, rubella and hepatitis.
This is helpful if you have been unsuccessful locating  your shot records, but you know you received the shots. The lab results can be checked by the college Health Services/ College Nurse and submitted as evidence of immunizations.

4.  They let me register last semester without these requirements.  Now I am only registering for two classes but they won’t let me without my shot records. I thought it was only required for full-time students?
a) A student may be registered in an institution of higher education on a provisional basis for his or her first term if the required immunization documentation is not available at the time of registration.
b) Prior to registration for the second term, a student shall either present documentation of immunization or proof of immunity.(8:57-6.9 Provisional admission).

5.  What is accepted as evidence of immunization?
The following documents shall be accepted as evidence of a student’s immunization history provided that the type of immunization and the date when each immunization was administered is listed:
a) An official school immunization record from the primary, secondary school, or college  you previously attended.
b) A record signed by a physician or advanced practice nurse in the United States or foreign country, or from any public health department.

6. Are there any students who do not have to provide the school with immunizations?
There are some exemptions to the requirements such as:
a) Students born before 1957 may be exempt from having the measles, mumps, and rubella   (MMR) vaccination only.
b) Students who do not congregate on campus such as distance learners, i.e. those taking classes online.
c) Students who have a medical or religious exemption provided he or she meets the criteria set forth at N.J.A.C 8:57-6.11 and 8:57-12.