From Chef Annmarie Chelius'

CUL: Cakes

Fall 2009

Below, find cakes created by two of Chef Chelius' students for an assignment called "Dream Wedding Cake."  For this assignment, students were asked to interview someone, in Listening Is an Act of Love fashion, to find out what his/her dream wedding cake would be. 

Hildegarde Cadet's sketch and beautiful cake.  Read about her inspiration below.

Here's what Hildegarde had to say about her "most favorite project,"
"The Dream Wedding Cake" assignment:

I was inspired to do a simply decorated white cake with Gardenia’s by a friend who has been married for more than 25 years. This was her dream wedding cake. I believed I captured what she desired.  The satisfaction she showed let me know I did my job on the cake well.My wish would be to continue on this path presenting cakes for all occasions especially weddings for however clients would like them.

Here, Karen Tharpe shows her sketch and gorgeous Christmas-themed cake.  Read her inspiration below.

Karen chose to interivew her mother for this assignment, and since both Karen's and her mother's favorite holiday is Christmas, they decided on a Christmas-themed cake. 

Differences between christmas in the United States and Puerto Rico

Christmas celebrations in Puerto Rico can last anywhere from 2-4 weeks.  My mom's favorite tradition was called the "Dia de las Mascaras", this lasts two days.  On December 21, small boys would dress up with masks on and go from house to house asking for little treats.  On December 22, the men would do the same, asking for pocket money.  The boys were to represent the persecution of the children by King Herod.  Whereas the men represented the roman soldiers seeking after the running boys.  Arecibo, PR., is the only town that kept this tradition current.  Also before Santa Claus was introduced to the islands, children would leave shoe boxes filled woth real grass under their beds on Jan 5th. This was known as Three Kings Day.  In representation of of the three wise men bearing gifts to Jesus.  The grass was left to feed the camels that the wise men rode in on.  The next morning the grass would be gone and their would be gifts under the tree, wrapped up in one huge package.  We chose this christmas cake because it was our favorite holiday, and coincidentally, I was born on January 5th.