Ebola FAQs

We are in the process of coordinating translations of a FAQ on Ebola provided by the World Health Organization's Regional Office for Africa. Translations gathered for the past outbreak include one in the ADLaM script of the Fula language, provided by Ibrahima Barry, one in the N'ko script for the Malinké language, provided by Boubacar Diakité (Harvard University) and Baba Mamadi Diané, and one each in Vai script and Latin script for the Vai language, provided by Tombekai V. Sherman. For the current outbreak, there is one in Congolese Kiswahili on the Ebola virus vaccine, provided by Emmanuel Ndolimana, one in Kinande by Professor Philippe Mathe Ngessimo Mutaka, and one in Lese by Corneille Melimunvu and Abady Undemolali.

Our thanks also go to Michelle Hill Perham (formerly of Microsoft Corporation) and Denis Jacquerye for their extensive work on font design, and in typesetting the N'ko version.

--Charles Riley, Jason Glavy, Jojoo Imbeah, and José R. Rivera, Athinkra members

Click on a link to download the FAQs in PDF format