Dance is a piece of expressive fine arts or visual arts. The dance might be a casual play, a part of a custom, or a part of an expert execution. Some people dance to express their sentiments and feelings while some dance to feel better. Dance is acknowledged as one of the type of adoring god. On the religious side dance ended up as a custom or ritual. 

There are various types of dances - Indian Classical Dance - including Bharatanatyam Dance, Indian Folk Dance, Bollywood Dance, Western Dance and many more. 

Dancers should be impeccable in the mudras (hand positions), dance body positions, and the incorporation of emotional or expressive acting. Nowadays, dance is also a medium to keep us fit and healthy. 

Why Atharva School of Fine Arts?

Atharva School of Fine Arts , one of the best dance academy in Mumbai, founded in the year 2003, caters the needs of Indian classical dance, Folk dances, Bollywood Dance and much more. Our vision is to bring up the talent in young children through systematic and technical teaching of dance. 

We accept everybody ought to have the option to appreciate the delights dance brings, whatever your age or ability to perform. At Atharva School of Fine Arts, you will discover quality training from our well educated teachers in a positive and friendly environment. We welcome you to join our dance academy and check our various dance programs! Please connect with us for more information.

The school Registered under Maharashtra Govt's Public Trust.  Cultural Ministry-Government of  Maharashtra awarded the grant to the school in 2017. We are also a  MEMBER - CONSEIL INTERNATIONAL DE LA DANSE - CID-UNESCO.


Super Proud of Ms. Sandili Vishal Pawar for scoring distinction in her Visharad Purna Exams

Students of Atharva School of Fine Arts pass their SSC exams in flying colors. We are very proud of them !!

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