Special Occasions
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Tumble Books

Polar Express movie

2. Polar Express


Colors numbers shapes

Weather ISFE

Dr, Seuss Weather

more weather

Farm Animals

Farm Animal Sounds

Farms: sheppard software

ISFE Valentine's Day

21. 100th Day 
100th Day

20. Ground Hog Day videos

19. Take a Trip

19. Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
Daniel tigers neighborhood

Mr. Roger's neighborhood

Cat In the Hat map

Jan Brett Videos

Jan Brett Games

World of the Dinosaurs picture video

Dino Games

*100th day
27. Baby Animals
27. Nat Geo Baby Animals matching
27, Baby Animal Sounds
27. Baby Animal Game

28. Zoo Animals

30. ISE Symbols
30. National Symbols video
USA Flag
31. Objects in the sky video
31. Day & Night video
Insects picture

34. Let's Talk About Insects 
Let's talk about Insects
Nat Geo Insects picture

39. Dr. Seuss 
Dr. Seuss Website

Rainforest Animals

Nat Geo Animals picture

Ocean Video

37. Fishy Count

Ocean Animals movie

 ***. Marble Addition
Marble Addition

 ***. Fuzz Bugs Counting
counting sorting comparing


Compare & Order Numbers

Less Than Greater Than
Less Than Greater Than

Comparing Number Values

Education.com Math

Cyber Five
Citizenship picture

Number bonds make 10

kindergarten word problems add to 10

Subtraction Balloon pop

Subtraction Compare

Subtraction Fruit Shoot


Nat Geo Animals picture 2
7 continents facts for kids
postcards from around the world

 4. Continents of the World
continents of the world
5  Geography Explorer
geography explorer
 6. 1st grade login
1st grade login picture

 7. Story Maker
story maker

 Fruit Fall Graph
 History of Inventions
 Design Squad videos
 History Channel Inventions
 Animals - Sheppards software
 Place value Sharks
 Place value Dinos
Money - Fruit

Coins - Which is more?

Coins - learning

Money - bingo



U1W1. Family

Pets picture
National Geo Animals

2nd Grade Links

Matter Sorter game
States of Matter picture
Matter Chatter picture
4. Butterfly -Painted Lady
Painted Lady Butterfly
5. Butterflies
butterfly website .com

6. World of the Dinosaurs
world of dinosaurs video

 7. Dinosaur Dig 
Dinosaur dig interactive

 8. Dino Dictionary
dino dictionary.com

 9. Kids Dinos
kids dinos.com/

 10. PBS Kids DinosaurTrain
pbs kids dinosaur train

11. Dinosaurs Scholastic
Dinosaur Scholastic


1. Decodables
Snap the ant game

2. Reading Eggs
reading eggs login

3. Tumble book

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imagine learning login

dr seuss in spanish