Welcome to my website. I set it up so that you can go right to the two links (Courses & Calendar) at the bottom of this page to get what you need - that is if you know what you need.

Use the "Calendar" link below if you know what day you were absent and need:
(1) to print a copy of the assignment(s) for that day and/or
(2) to know what homework was due last/this/next time

Note: be sure to select "more details" at the bottom of the window that appears to see the assignment(s). 

Use the "Courses" link below if you know the type of the assignment (homework, classwork, lecture notes, review games, study guides, etc.) and the name of the assignment you are looking for. 

Note: If you do not know the type and name of the assignment you are looking for, use the Aeries website to obtain this information. You should see all of your graded assignments listed in Aeries and any assignment with a red box is a missing assignment. You can access the Aeries website at https://atascaderousd.asp.aeries.net/Student/LoginParent.aspx?page=default.aspx

Confused? You can contact me by email at petersmith@atasusd.org if you have any questions or concerns.