Homework for Math 7 - Mr. Glenesk
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7th Grade Math Homework

Week of March 20

Monday~ Goal: Introduce Quadrilaterals
Classwork: Review Page 291 with the class. 

MNB.95 - Notes about Quadrilaterals(7.4) Drawing, Labeling, and Classifying Quadrilaterals

HW: None, unless absent. 

Tuesday ~  Goal: Practice Drawing and Evaluating Scale Drawings
Classwork: MNB.96Textbook page 303 #4-11, 22
HW: None, Unless absent. 

Wednesday~ Review of Chapter Seven

Classwork -MNB.97 - Page  310 #1-14. 

HW: - Finish MNB.97

Thursday ~ Goal: Independent Practice and Check for Understanding 
Classwork: MNB.98 - Practice Test and Summary of Learning.
HW: Finish MNB.98

Friday ~ Goal:Celebration of Knowledge - Level 7 of Math 7

Classwork: Test then 
1)Working on MNB.94f self-pace on https://www.thatquiz.org

Assignment One, Assignment Two, Assignment Three


2)HW: Not due till next WednesdayTextbook page 106 #7-17 and page 112 #7-17.

 Write the original problem and show all steps to solution

Week of March 13

Monday - No School - Staff Development Day

Tuesday ~ 
Goal: Triangle Angles
Classwork: MNB.90 Return and review Quiz. 
Classwork: MNB.91Construct  and Measure Triangles and Explore Angle and Side measurements, Classify Triangles, create the mathematical proof for the "Rule of 180"
HW: MNB.91 if absent. 

Wednesday~ Goal: Review Classifying angles

Classwork: MNB.92 - Together we will do page 288 and 289 #3,4,5,11,12,13,14
HW: MNB.92 if absent.

Thursday ~ Goal: Practice Triangle Mastery.

Classwork: MNB.93 - Practice with Triangles and workbook pages 155 and 156
HW: MNB.93 if absent.  

Friday ~  Goal: State Championship practice
ClassworkWorking on MNB.94 self-pace on https://www.thatquiz.org/

HW: Self-Paced MNB.94 (link)

MNB.94 Link One - 

Length 20, Level 5 (link) ​
​ ​

MNB.94 Link Two -

​ ​

Length 20, Level 

​4, Solve(x) √ (link) 


MNB.94 Link Two -
​ ​
Length 20, Level 
​4, Simplify √
​ ​
​link)​ https://www.thatquiz.org/tq-0/?-j104-l4-mpnv600-nk-p0