Welcome to English!

Your ALWAYS on-going homework is to READ!!!!
(20 mins. nightly)
(See Reading Counts Information Below)



  • August 25: Syllabus/ Behavior Contract Due (5p)
  • August 26: Reading Counts Goals Contract Due (10p)
  • August 29: Email address "homework" Due (5p)
  • Sept 2: Letter to yourself Due (30 pts)
  • Sept.7: Back to School Night
  • Sept 9: Google Slides " All About Me" Project Due 
  • Sept. 15: Launch text summary due (10pts)              7th grade:"Grounded"/ 8th grade " Red Roses"
  • Sept. 20th: Vocabulary homework due (5 pts) page 5 and 12 in your My Perspectives folder
  • Sept.29th: Vocabulary quiz
  • Oct. 5th: Conventions Homework pg. 25 due  (8th)
  • Oct. 5th: Conventions Homework pg. 29 due (7th)
  • Oct. 14th: Effective Expressions Project Due 
  • Oct. 21st: Non-fiction Narrative Due
  • Oct.28th: Small Group Learning Project Due
  • Nov. 4th: Reading Counts Goal Due
  • Nov. 28th: End of Unit 1, 100 pt writing project due
  • Dec. 5th: Academic Vocabulary for new unit Due
  • Dec. 6th: Summary of the Launch Text for new Unit                     Due, 7th grade pg.122 / 8th grade pg.260
  • Dec.13th: Analyze the Text # 2 due (use ACES)-8th
  • Dec.14th:Characterization homework handout due-8th
  • ***SEE all current assignments in GOOGLE CLASSROOM!!!

Copy of First Day of School for me

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          7th Grade:

         My Perspectives 
          Unit Three Theme: Turning Points

Essential Question:

How does sudden change effect a person's life

 We will be working on informative/ explanatory writing in this unit.

8th Grade: 

 My Perspectives 
Unit Two Theme:  Holocaust

Essential Question:
How do we remember the past?

We will be working on informative/explanatory writing throughout this unit.


You will be taking an SRI test in-class to determine your current reading level. Once we know your reading level, we will set your first Reading Counts goal.

Your trimester goals are due:
#1 November 4, 2016
#2 March 3, 2017
#3 June 2, 2017

Your Reading Counts goal is determined by your SRI score:
789 or lower = 35 RC points
790-1009 = 40 RC points
between 1010-1185 = 45 RC points
1186 or higher = 50 RC points

Your Reading grade in Aeries is determined by how well you have met your goal:
90-100% = A
80-89%= B
70-79%= C
60-69%= D

Summary Writing for Reading Counts