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Going to Paloma Creek High School...

"My whole life I thought I would never go to college, not because I didn't deserve it, but I struggled through the first years of high school, and eventually made the choice to go to a continuation school. I was scared and nervous, but it was the best thing to ever happen to me. Through Del Rio High School I finally got the one-on-one help that I needed. I sincerely believed that the teachers wanted me to graduate and be successful."  because it was foreign to me. Neither of my parents even graduated from high school, let alone went to college.
-- 2015 Graduate

At Paloma Creek High School, you are a valued and respected member of our caring community.  Through meaningful relationships you will enjoy a sense of belonging and have the power to learn, grow, and graduate.

Paloma Creek High School is a small school dedicated to reaching learners who have not met their potential in the traditional school environment. We individualize learning, and place a strong emphasis on each student taking responsibility for learning. We provide meaningful and relevant instruction that motivates students to be successful, working to and beyond their potential.

Our classrooms are characterized by small group instruction, individual help, engaging activities where learners demonstrate learning actively. Our students become problem solvers, using modern technology to showcase learning creatively.

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"All of you are awesome and were the best teachers I could have asked for honestly, this school is the best school I have attended and I'm glad I made the choice to go there." 
-- 2015 Graduate

We are located at:
10801 El Camino Real
Atascadero, CA 93422
(805) 462-4350
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Chris Balogh, Principal

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