¡Bienvenidos a la clase de Español!

¡Hola estudiantes!

I love teaching Spanish!  I began learning about the language and culture when I was 21 years old and moved to Chile!  Living in Chile, bonding with the Chilean people, learning their culture, communicating in their language, and eating their incredible food changed my life!  I continue to go back every few years, but I also love to visit other Spanish-speaking countries and discover new ones!  

This last summer I recently began a Masters program through Southern Oregon University in Guanajuato, México.  It is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited.  During the 6 weeks I was there I studied second language acquisition, methodology, bilingualism, phonetics, and how to teach pronunciation and writing.  I loved my classes and am excited to implement the principles and new-found approach I gained to the courses I teach.

There are some important things I want you to remember throughout the year:
- You CAN learn a second language.  Humans are meant to communicate.  You learned one language, so that means you can definitely learn a second language.  So be patient with yourself... and work for it!
- I am hear to support you, but I cannot learn the language for you.  Please come to me whenever you need extra help, or just want to chat.  I got your back!
- Immerse yourself in this experience!  It will be over before you know it.  No regrets, just give it your all.  Remember that making mistakes is an ESSENTIAL part of the process, so you have a free pass to make a million mistakes with an awareness to learn from each one.  
- Look to your future!  As you acquire Spanish as a second language keep in mind that you are setting yourself up to have a successful future!  Knowing a second language, especially when it is Spanish IN California, you put yourself ahead of the competition.  Speaking Spanish and having an understanding of the culture can be applied to ANY field/ career that you choose to pursue.  So remember, this is more than just a class, this is going to strengthen the possibilities 
for serious perks in your future!


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