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iNews for October 21st

AMS Important Dates


Attention all boys interested in participating in basketball this year at AMS, tryouts will be next week. You must have a completed athletic physical and be academically eligible to participate.
Tryout schedule:
Tuesday 10/25       7th grade 3:00-4:30, 8th grade 4:30 - 6:00.
Wednesday 10/26  7th grade 5:00 - 6:15, 8th grade 6:15 - 7:30.
Thursday 10/27      8th grade 5:00 - 6:15, 7th grade 6:15-7:30.


Homework Club is available Monday - Thursday from 3pm - 4pm in the following classrooms for 7th and 8th graders:

  • Monday Room 118 (Burris/McKeown)

  • Tuesday Room 217 (Morse)

  • Wednesday Room 213 (Kaselionis)

  • Thursday Room 16 (Ballinger's room/Matera teacher)

For 6th graders, Homework Club is available Monday - Thursday from 3pm - 3:30pm.  No sign-up is necessary, just show up.  Once a student is there, the student must stay until 3:30.

October 31, 2016

If they choose, students are permitted to wear appropriate costumes on Halloween. They must adhere to the dress code policy and they may not have anything covering their face (masks, beards, etc.) or any type of weapon. Cosmetic contact lenses are not permitted and no face paint or clowns allowed.


Yes, that's right, our PTO has multiple opportunities to receive donations without anyone spending any extra money. Please read below for the variety of options that you, family, friends, co-workers can take advantage of and support our students, staff and school programs while truly costing you nothing extra.


10% Give Back Tuesday – On Tuesday, October 25th Atascadero Grocery Outlet is donating 10% of all sales the entire day 8am-9pm to whoever shops at their store AND SHOWS THE 10% GIVE BACK FLIER. 10% Give Back Tuesday fliers being given to every student in Homeroom on Thursday, October 20th, please ask your student for your flier. If you need additional fliers for family and friends please go to front school office.

Thursday, October 27th during Home Room every student will receive a 5% everyday, all day Grocery Outlet Donation Card.- From Thursday until June 30, 2017 please show your 5% Atascadero Middle School PTO card and 5% of your sales everyday, all day will be donated to our PTO. Please ask for extra cards at the AMS front office and give them to family and friends to use.



Every time you shop on  Amazon.com you can make money for AMS PTO. 5% of your purchases through AmazonSmile will automatically be donated to Atascadero Middle School (AJHS might still be the name on the account). Simply go to Amazon.com to shop your traditional way but BEFORE you start shopping go to the AmazonSmile link and scroll until you find Atascadero Junior High PTO – click on our link and that easy – you are now on your way to getting free money for our students, staff, school.

We will be getting a link on our FB page in the near future to make your shopping with AmazonSmile even easier.


Our Mixed Bag shopping fundraiser is still open online and 40% of all online sales through December 31, 2016 will be donated to our Middle School PTO .

So shop Halloween, Thanksgiving and other Holiday or just because gifts at AmazonSmile, Mixed Bag online, Grocery Outlet in Atascadero and help us raise more money without you spending extra funds!

Please contact Dawn Daner at ddanerpta18@gmail.com or our Atascadero Middle School FB page for additional information and or questions on how you ,your family & friends can easily help get FREE MONEY to our school.



In the spirit of community outreach, Atascadero High School Athletics is planning to host a series of Middle and Elementary School nights at select High School Athletic events throughout the year.  Your entire student body and faculty is invited to attend and support Greyhound Athletics.

Future events for the Winter and Spring will be announced prior to the season.  We encourage students to wear their school colors and join us in cheering on the Greyhounds.  

Students attending including a parent chaperone will be admitted free.

We will be sending flyers to each school.  Have students mention the flyer upon entering Go Hounds!

If you have any questions feel free to call Sam DeRose, Atascadero High School Athletic Director at 462-4311.


Please enjoy the photos of the construction on our campus at: https://sites.google.com/a/atasusd.org/bond/ajhs/ajhsphotos.  

Additionally, an aerial video of the new building can be seen at:



Our Engineering Elective classes had a lot of fun learning this week!  We started out by completing our egg drop designs by finishing the manufacture and assembly of our contraptions.  Then we tested our designs by having them dropped by an adult off the roof of the new building.  That's two stories high!  About half of our contraptions were successful in protecting the egg from meeting its demise (aka breaking).  Later on in the week, we had a Cal Poly mechanical engineering student come visit us to talk about the engineering design process.  He brought along R2D2 from Star Wars!  This engineer made a fully functional, life-size R2 from scratch in the Cal Poly labs and machine shops.  R2 was a big hit with our classes, and was a perfect example of the rewards that come from perseverance and hard work. See attached video.



Ordering yearbooks has begun. Please don't wait until June to try to buy a yearbook - you may be too late in June! Yearbooks are $45 and can be purchased at the office. Prices go up in January!


The largest program of its kind, participants in the Duke TIP 7th Grade Talent Search identify academic strengths, develop abilities and interests, and celebrate their achievements at a crucial time when they are forming their identities and looking ahead to the future. TIP assists families in determining how advanced their students’ academic abilities are and what level of educational challenge is appropriate. As a seventh grade student with strong intellectual abilities, you are eligible to participate if you achieved a qualifying score at or above the 95th percentile on a recent grade-level test.   See Mr. Wallace with questions or for a brochure.

Ryan Allison,
Aug 23, 2016, 5:13 PM
Ryan Allison,
Aug 23, 2016, 5:13 PM