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Homework Club!

Homework Club is up and running and we have, on average, 10 students showing up regularly, although that number is growing. We are running 6th grade homework club from 3:00 until 3:30. Roll is taken and students are required to stay until 3:30 unless they have a note excusing them earlier.

The location of our homework club rotates between all the 6th grade classrooms. Please take advantage of this service if your child needs any help completing homework.

Homework Club Schedule
Monday            Rm 
 Tuesday        Rm 
 Wednesday     Rm  Thursday       Rm 

Aeries - Parent Directions
If you need help activating your Aeries account, click on the following link: Parent Instructions

Once there, either "View" or "Download" the directions and follow the steps to set up your Aeries Log-In info. Your Aeries account will allow you to stay up to date on your child's assignments and grades.

Your child has been assigned free reading for 30 minutes every night. They need to take an online Reading Counts Quiz to verify that they are reading. They must have a score of 70% or better to get credit. 

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