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In order to provide our patients with the most personalized care possible, our physicians and staff are divided into three teams. When you become a patient here, you are assigned a primary care physician who is a member of one of those teams. If you need to be seen or if you have a concern we will try to have you see or be contacted by your primary physician. However, if your primary care physician is not available, another physician or staff member on the team will take care of you. Team members communicate with each other about patient care issues, thus ensuring optimal continuity of care. Our front office and nursing staff are skilled at assisting you with your health care needs.

Hugh Blumenfeld, MD
Robin Gold, MD
Charlene Li, MD
Adam Perrin, MD
Christine Abdelsayed, MD
Anna Radwan, MD
Helther Applewhite, MD
Emma Chipman, MD
Gitti Janwatanagool, MD
Emeka Boka, MD
Janiper Chae, MD
Ashley Fields, MD


Mary Guerrera, MD
David Henderson, MD
Edmund Kim, MD
Kenia Mansilla, MD
Shaista Qureshi, MD
Shawnet Jones, MD
Colton Redding, DO
Laurel Slongwhite, MD
Heidi Tucker, DO
Bhavik Bhulabhai, MD
Meghan Harding, MD
Alisha Lall, MD


Robert Cushman, MD
Fonda Gravino, MD
Eugene Orientale, MD
Tom Agresta, MD
Jennifer Mastrocola, MD
Melissa Hamilton, MD
Haya Ahram, MD
Robin Longley, MD
Arth Patel, MD
Stephanie Porto, MD
Ashleigh McGregor, MD
Manjot Reed, MD
Andrew Houghton, MD