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Women's Professional Basketball Leagues

Included in this Web Page:

  • WPBL/WBL (1978-81)
  • WABA (1984)
  • WBA (1993-95)
  • ABL (1996-98)
  • WNBA (1997- present)
  • Other Leagues listed below in the Notes-

Note-1- Before the WBL ever began play, a league called the Women's Professional Basketball Association (WPBA) was scheduled to begin play in 1975. These teams were set to be part of the league; Indianapolis Pink Panthers, Arkansas Lassies, Atlanta, Greenville, Nashville and Winston-Salem. The league folded before it ever started. 

Note-2 - A new league was formed in 1980 called the Ladies Professional Basketball League (LPBA) was set to compete with the WBL. Molly Bolin left the WBL's Iowa Cornets and signed to play for the Southern California Breeze. These other teams were part of the league also; New Mexico Energee, Oakland Outlaws, Phoenix Flames, San Jose Chips and Tucson Storm. The league folded seven (7) games into the season. Molly Bolin was averaging over 40 points per game at this time.

Note-3 - The National Women's Basketball Association (NWBA) was set to start in 1986 with these teams aboard:  California Stars, Georgia Peaches, Pride of Iowa, Louisiana Blues, North Carolina Blaze, Tennessee Tiger-Cats, Texas Twisters and Virginia Express. The league folded right before the season was supposed to start.

Note-4 - The Liberty Basketball Association (LBA) actually played one pre-season game before it folded in 1991. The Detroit Dazzlers defeated the LBA All-Stars in the only game played. The league folded soon after leaving these other teams without even playing a game: Chicago Slammers, Los Angeles Lancers, New York Blasters and Philadelphia Freedoms.

Women's (Professional) Basketball League (1978-81)





Playoff Finals MVP

1978-79Houston AngelsIowa Cornets3-2no info or not awarded
1979-80New York StarsIowa Cornets3-1no info or not awarded
1980-81Nebraska WranglersDallas Diamonds3-2Rosie Walker, Nebraska


Annual Standings

Eastern Division        WLPct.GB
Houston Angels         2680.768..
New York Stars         19150.5597
Dayton Rockets         12220.35314
New Jersey Gems         9250.26517
Midwest Division        WLPct.GB
Chicago Hustle         21130.618..
Iowa Cornets           21130.618..
Minnesota Fillies      17170.5004
Milwaukee Does         11230.32410
Eastern Division        WLPct.GB
New York Stars         2870.800-
New Orleans Pride      21130.6186.5
New Jersey Gems        19170.5289.5
St. Louis Streak       15210.41713.5
Washington Metros*     370.300-
Philadelphia Fox*      280.200-
Midwestern Division     WLPct.GB
Iowa Cornets           24120.667-
Minnesota Fillies      22120.6471
Chicago Hustle         17190.4727
Milwaukee Does         10240.29413
Western Division        WLPct.GB
Houston Angels         19140.576-
San Francisco Pioneers 18180.5002.5
California Dreams      11180.3936
Dallas Diamonds        7280.20013
* Philadelphia and Washington disbanded during the season
Coastal Division        WLPct.GB
Dallas Diamonds        2790.750-
New Jersey Gems        23130.6394
New Orleans Pride      18190.4869.5
San Francisco Pioneers 14220.38913
New England Gulls *     2100.167-
Central Division        WLPct.GB
Nebraska Wranglers     2790.750-
Chicago Hustle         18180.5009
St. Louis Streak       14210.40012.5
Minnesota Fillies      7280.20019.5
New England disbanded during the season

Playoff Results

Semi-Final Results
 Houston Angels defeated New York Stars (2-0)
Iowa Cornets defeated Chicago Hustle (2-1)
Houston Angels defeated Iowa Cornets (3-2)
Final Series MVP  - No information available or not awarded
(Note: Molly Bolin, Iowa, 19.6 ppg playoff average - 157 points)


First Round Results
San Francisco Pioneers defeated Houston Angels (2-1)
Minnesota Fillies defeated New Orleans Pride (2-1)
Semi-Final Results
 Iowa Cornets defeated Minnesota Fillies (2-1)
New York Stars defeated San Francisco Pioneers (2-0)
New York Stars defeated Iowa Cornets (3-1)
Final Series MVP - No information available or not awarded
(Note: Molly Bolin, Iowa, 33.1 ppg playoff average - 232 points)


Semi-Final Results
 Dallas Diamonds defeated New Jersey Gems (2-1) - Coastal Division Championship
Nebraska Wranglers defeated Chicago Hustle (2-0) - Central Division Championship
Nebraska Wranglers defeated Dallas Diamonds (3-2)
Final Series MVP - Rosie Walker, Nebraska (34.2 ppg in final series - 171 points)
(Note: Nancy Lieberman, Dallas, 35.4 ppg in final series - 177 points)

Awards and Honors

YearWBL Most Valuable Player
1978-79Rita Easterling, Chicago (21.5 ppg, 10.5 apg)
1979-80Molly Bolin, Iowa (32.8 ppg, 2.7 spg)
Ann Meyers, New Jersey (22.2 ppg, 10.3 rpg, 5.9 apg, 4.9spg)
1980-81Rosie Walker, Nebraska (25.8 ppg, 13.5 rpg)
YearWBL All-Star Game (MVP)
1978-79No info on score (Rita Easterling, Chicago, 19 pts /18 asts)
1979-80West beat East 115-112 (No info on MVP)
1980-81West beat East 125-92 (Nancy Lieberman, Dallas), Note-Bolin-29 pts
YearRookie of the Year
1978-79Not awarded
1979-80Not awarded
1980-81Nancy Lieberman, Dallas (25.7 ppg)
YearCoach of the Year
1978-79Don Knodel, Houston Angels
1979-80Dean Meminger, New York Stars
1980-81Greg Williams, Dallas Diamonds


Annual All Pro Teams

1978-79 WBL All Pro team
Rita Easterling, Chicago Hustle
Molly Bolin, Iowa Cornets
Brenda Chapman, Minnesota Fillies
Vonnie Tomich, Dayton Rockets
Debra Waddy-Rossow, Chicago Hustle
Marie Kocurek, Minnesota Fillies
Paula Mayo, Houston Angels
Denise Sharps, Iowa Cornets
Gail Tatterson, New Jersey Gems
Belinda Caldler, Houston Angels
Althea Gwyn, New York Stars
Doris Draving, Iowa Cornets
1979-80 WBL All-Pro Team
Alfredda Abernathy, Dallas Diamonds
Molly Bolin, Iowa Cornets
Doris Draving, Iowa Cornets
Rita Easterling, Chicago Hustle
Sharon Farrah, New York Stars
Bertha Hardy, New Orleans Pride
Marie Kocurek, Minnesota Fillies
Charlene McWhorter, Chicago Hustle
Pat Mayo, San Francisco Pioneers
Paula Mayo, Houston Angels
Ann Meyers, New Jersey Gems
Adrian Mitchell, St. Louis Streak
Anita Ortega, San Francisco Pioneers
Heidi Nestor, Milwaukee Does
Janice Thomas, New York Stars
1980-81 WBL All-Pro Team
Carol Blazejowski, New Jersey Gems
Molly Bolin, San Francisco Pioneers
Cindy Brogdon, New Orleans Pride
Carol Chason, Nebraska Wranglers
Althea Gwyn, Chicago Hustle
Cindy Haugejorde, San Francisco Pioneers
Rosalind Jennings, Dallas Diamonds
Nancy Lieberman, Dallas Diamonds
Paula Mayo, Chicago Hustle
Inge Nissen, Chicago Hustle
Patricia Roberts, St. Louis Streak
Janice Thomas, New Jersey Gems
Rosie Walker, Nebraska Wranglers


Annual Leaders

1978-79 Leaders  
ScoringTotal  Avg
Brenda Champman, Minn-Milw86327.8
Debra Waddy-Rossow, Chicago83324.5
Vivian Green, Dayton74421.9
Althea Gwyn, New York71823.2
Gail Tatterson, New Jersey71120.9
Rita Easterling, Chicago66621.5
Marie Kocurek, Minnesota64920.3
Belinda Candler, Houston61619.9
ReboundingTotal  Avg
Althea Gwyn, New York53517.3
Gerry Lynn Booker, Milw.44113.0
Denise Craig, Dayton44013.3
Doris Draving, Iowa43412.8
Paula Mayo, Iowa35910.6
Angela Scott, Dayton35110.3
Gail Tatterson, New Jersey34910.3
Marie Kocurek, Minnesota33710.5
Susan Digitale, Chicago3359.9
Belinda Candler, Houston33410.8
Joan Uhl, Iowa2939.8
AssistsTotal  Avg
Rita Easterling, Chicago31310.1
Janice Thomas, New York2627.7
Marie DeLorma, Minnesota2358.1
Robin Tucker, Iowa2076.1
Vivian Green, Dayton1805.7
Vonnie Tomich, Dayton1725.7
Janie Fincher, Chicago1705.0
Kathy Solano, New Jersey1585.1
StealsTotal  Avg
Liz Galloway, Chicago1364.00
Janice Thomas, New York1083.18
Vivian Green, Dayton1023.00
Blocked ShotsTotal  Avg
Susan Digitale, Chicago381.12
Patti Bucklew, Dayton361.06
Denise Craig,, Dayton320.97
Gerry Lynn Booker, Milw.320.94
1979-80 Leaders  
ScorongTotal  Avg
Molly Bolin, Iowa117932.8
Alfredda Abernathy, Dallas94527.0
Anita Ortega, San Francisco86724.1
Ann Meyers, new Jersey75622.2
Elizabeth Silcott, SF-St.L.72530.2
Marie Kocurek, Minnesota70722.1
Paula Mayo, Houston67320.4
Heidi Nestor, Milwaukee66020.0
Donna Geils, New Jersey65918.8
Augusta Forest, New Orleans65718.3
Sharon Farrah, New York65326.1
Belinda Candler, Houston64419.5
ReboundingTotal  Avg
Alfredda Abernathy, Dallas50114.3
Kim Hanson, San Francisco38310.6
Paula Mayo, Houston36711.1
Ann Mayers, New Jersey35110.3
Pat Colasurdo Mayo, SF3279.0
Retha Swindell, Chicago32510.2
Gail Marquis, New York3249.0
Augusta Forest, NO3218.9
Shiela Patterson, St. Louis3209.4
Stacey Rhoades, Cal-NY31510.2
Katrina Owens, Minnesota3019.7
Willodean Harris, NJ-Wash24810.3
Debra Comerie, New Jersey24810.3
AssistsTotal  Avg
Janice Thomas, New York30212.1
Rita Easterling, Chicago2578.3
Bertha Hardy, New Orl-Was2046.2
Ann Meyers, New Jersey2025.9
Anita Green, Iowa2015.6
Anita Ortega, San Francisco1875.2
Robin Tucker, Iowa1654.7
Sybil Blalock, New Orleans1644.7
Donna Geils, New Jersey1564.6
Linda Matthews, Hou-Cal-Phi1505.4
Marie DeLorme, Minnesota1484.4
Karen Aulenbacher, Houston1474.6
Elizabeth Scott, SF-St. Lou1245.2
StealsTotal  Avg
Ann Meyers, New Jersey1664.88
Liz Galloway, Chicago1203.33
Pat Colasurdo Mayo, SF1193.31
Janice Thomas, New York1064.88
Blocked ShotsTotal  Avg 
Bertha Hardy, New Orl-Was611.85
Retha Swindell, Chicago601.82
Nancy Dunkle, Cal-San Fran551.72
1980-81 Leaders  
ScoringTotal  Avg
Carol Blazejowski, New Jer.106729.6
Rosie Walker, Nebraska92925.8
Nancy Lieberman, Dallas81426.3
Inge Nissen, Chicago76523.2
Molly Bolin, San Francisco723*26.8
Tara Heiss, New Jersey64517.9
Althea Gwyn, Neb-Chicago64219.5
ReboundingTotal  Avg
Rosie Walker, Nebraska48713.5
Althea Gwyn, Neb-Chicago45913.9
Inge Nissen, Chicago40912.4
Pat Johnson, St. Louis37410.4
Gail Marquis, New Jersey3199.1
Doris Draving, San Francisco31610.2
Willodean Harris, NJ-Wash2649.4
AssistsTotal  Avg
Janice Thomas, New Jersey3239.0
Tara Heiss, New Jersey2256.3
Sybil Blalock, New Orleans1945.2
Nancy Lieberman, Dallas1896.1
Linnell Jones, St. Louis1845.4
Holly Warlick, Nebraska1815.0
Pearl Moore, St. Louis1474.3
StealsTotal  Avg
Nancy Lieberman, Dallas1113.58
Janice Thomas, New Jersey1103.06
Patricia Roberts, St. Louis1033.03
Blocked ShotsTotal  Avg
Inge Nissen, Chicago1063.21
Kathy Andrykowski, NO581.76
Willodean Harris, NJ-Wash451.61

  *Note- A new league was formed in 1980 called the Ladies Professional Basketball League (LPBA). Molly Bolin left the Iowa Cornets and signed to play for the Southern California Breeze. These other teams were part of the league also; New Mexico Energee, Oakland Outlaws, Phoenix Flames, San Jose Chips and Tucson Storm. The league folded seven (7) games into the season. Molly Bolin was averaging over 40 points per game at this time. She then headed back to play in the WBL's third and final season for the San Francisco Pioneers. She joined the team and played 27 of the team's 36 games and still finished fifth in the league in points scored and second in scoring average.

Career Leaders

PointsTotal  Avg
Molly Bolin246925.5
Paula Mayo178017.5
Marie Kocurek175818.1
Althea Gwyn165318.2
Donna Wilson165217.0
Janice Thomas157216.5
Belinda Candler151815.5
Brenda Chapman144423.3
Vicky Chapman1421??.?
Debra Waddy-Rossow141220.5
Rita Easterling140214.6
Alfredda Abernathy138721.7
Anita Ortega124819.8
Donna Geils120613.0
Pearl Moore120017.4
Wanda Szeremeta115711.6
Susan Digitale1103??.?
Gail Tatterson1086??.?
Carol Blazejowski106729.6
Augusta Forest1058??.?
Bertha Hardy100015.4
Vivian Greene93418.0
Gail Marquis93213.1
Rosie Walker92925.8
Doris Draving 9059.0
Nancy Lieberman81426.3
Inge Nissen76523.2
Ann Meyers75622.2
ReboundsTotal  Avg
Althea Gwyn124313.7
Paula Mayo9979.8
Belinda Candler8008.2
Doris Draving7977.9
Marie Kocurek7587.8
Alfredda Abernathy69310.8
Susan Digitale687 ?.?
Denise Craig66710.1
Donna Wilson6496.7
Gail Marquis6439.1
Gerry Lynn Booker6188.2
Vicky Chapman580 ?.?
Connie Kunzmann558 ?.?
Rosei Walker48713.5
Inge Nissen40912.4
Lydia Johnson37411.3
AssistsTotal  Avg
Janice Thomas 8879.3
Rita Easterling6927.2
Marie DeLorme4675.0
Robin Tucker3725.4
Sybil Blalock3585.0
Anita Green3454.2
Donna Geils3083.3
Donna Wilson2943.0
Karen Aulenbacher2894.5
Janie Fincher2793.6
Anita Ortega 2714.3
Bertha Hardy 2563.9
Tara Heiss2256.3
Ann Meyers2025.9
Nancy Lieberman1896.1
StealsTotal  Avg
Janice Thomas3243.41
Liz Galloway2563.66
Molly Bolin2172.24
Paula Mayo2072.03
Donna Geils2012.16
Ann Meyers1664.88
Nancy Lieberman1113.58
Blocked ShotsTotal  Avg
Inge Nissen1063.21
Retha Swindell971.43
Nancy Dunkle861.43
Willodean Harris841.62
Bertha Hardy701.08
Kathy Andrykowski581.76
3-Point Field GoalsTotal   
Musiette McKinney5 
Tara Heiss4 
Janie Fincher3 
Free ThrowsTotal   
Rita Easterling532 
Molly Bolin496 
Althea Gwyn435 
Vicky Chapman424 
Belinda Candler423 
Paula Mayo102 
Doris Draving101 
Belinda Candler98 
Donna Wilson97 
Molly Bolin97 
Rita Easterling96 

(Molly Bolin - 55 points in a game)


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Women's American Basketball Association (1984)




1984Dallas DiamondsChicago Spirit



Dallas Diamonds        1920.91-
Columbus Minks         1250.715
Atlanta Comets         760.5388
Virginia Wave          590.35711
Chicago Spirit         6140.313
Houston Shamrocks      3140.17614


Awards and Honors
MVP - Nancy Lieberman, Dallas, (27.0 ppg)

Women's Basketball Association (1993-95)





Playoff Finals MVP

1993Kansas CrusadersNebraska Express3-1Robelyn Garcia, Kansas
1994Nebraska ExpressMemphis Blues3-2Maurtice Ivy, Nebraska
1995Chicago TwistersSt. Louis River Queens1-0*Petra Jackson/Diana Vines

* Note - 1995 was a one game Championship, Chicago defeated St. Louis 107-96


Annual Standings

American Conference WLPct.GB
Nebraska Express       1320.867-
Missouri Mustangs      1050.6673
Oklahoma Cougars       3120.20010
World Conference WLPct.GB
Kansas Crusaders       1050.667-
Iowa Unicorns          5100.3335
Illinois Knights       4110.2676
American Conference  WLPct.GB
Nebraska Express      1050.667-
Indiana Stars         870.5337
Oklahoma Flames       3120.20012
Iowa Twisters 1140.06714
National Conference     WLPct.GB
Kansas City Mustangs 1501.000-
Memphis Blues      1050.6675
St. Louis River Queens   960.6006
Kansas Marauders         4110.26711
American Conference     WLPct.GB
Chicago Twisters       1510.938-
Nebraska Express       690.4008.5
Minnesota Stars        5100.3339.5
Oklahoma Flames        5100.3339.5
National Conference     WLPct.GB
St. Louis River Queens  970.562-
Kansas City Mustangs   780.4671.5
Kentucky Marauders     780.4671.5
Memphis Blues          780.4671.5

NOTE- League disbanded after the 1995 season and made plans to reorganize again in 1997, but the league disbanded once again before ever playing a game in 1997. These teams were scheduled to play in the league - Illinois Twisters, Indiana Bullets, Iowa River Queens, Kansas City Lightening, Michigan Lady Bulls, Minnesota Heat, Nebraska Express, North Dakota Jazz, Ohio Flame, St. Louis Breakers and South Dakota Storms

Playoff Results

First Round Results
 Missouri Mustangs defeated Iowa Unicorns (2-1)
Kansas Crusaders defeated Oklahoma Cougars (2-0)
 Nebraska Express defeated Illinois Kinghts (2-0)
Semi-Final Results
Kansas Crusaders defeated Missouri Mustangs (2-0)
Kansas Crusaders defeated Nebraska Express (3-1)
MVP - Robelyn Garcia, Kansas

First Round Results
 Memphis Blues defeated St. Louis River Queens (2-0)
Indiana Stars defeated Oklahoma Flames (2-0)
Semi-Final Results
Memphis Blues defeated Kansas City Mustangs (1-1, aggregate score)

MVP - Sarah Campbell

Nebraska Express defeated Indiana Stars (2-0)
Nebraska Express defeated Memphis Blues (3-2)
MVP - Maurtice Ivy, Nebraska

Championship (One Game Championship between Division Champs)
Chicago Twisters defeated St. Louis River Queens (107-96)


Awards and Honors
1993 MVP - Evette Ott, Kansas Crusaders
1994 MVP - Sarah Campbell, Kansas City Mustangs
1995 MVP - Petra Jackson/Diana Vines


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American Basketball League (1996-98)






Playoff Finals MVP
1996-97Columbus QuestRichmond Rage3-2Valerie Still, Columbus
1997-98Columbus QuestLong Beach Sting Rays3-2Valerie Still, Columbus
1998-99League disbanded during the season


Annual Standings

Eastern Conference      WLPct.GB
Columbus Quest         3190.775-
Richmond Rage          21190.52510
Atlanta Glory          18220.4513
New England Blizzard   16240.40015
Western Conference      WLPct.GB
Colorado Explosion     25150.625-
San Jose Lasers        18220.4507
Seattle Reign          17230.4258
Portland Power         14260.35011
Eastern Conference      WLPct.GB
Columbus Quest         3680.818-
New England Blizzard   24200.54513
Atlanta Glory          15290.34021
Philadelphia Rage      13310.29523
Western Conference      WLPct.GB
Portland Power         27170.613-
Long Beach StingRays   26180.5911
San Jose Lasers        21230.4776
Colorado Xplosion      21230.4776
Seattle Reign          15290.34012
Eastern Conference      WLPct.GB
Columbus Quest         1130.786-
Philadelphia Rage      950.6432
Chicago Condors        480.3336
Nashville Noise        4110.2677.5
New England Blizzard   3100.2317.5
Western Conference      WLPct.GB
Portland Power         940.692-
San Jose Lasers        960.6001
Seattle Reign          870.5332
Colorado Xplosion      580.3854

League disbanded  on December 22, 1998

Playoff Results

Richmond defeated Colorado (2-0)
Columbus defeated San Jose (2-0)
Columbus defeated Richmond (3-2)
MVP - Valerie Still, Columbus (71 points, 14.2 ppg; 12.3 rpg)

First Round
San Jose defeated New England (2-0)
Long Beach defeated Colorado (2-1)
Columbus defeated San Jose (2-0)
Long Beach defeated Portland (2-0)
Columbus defeated Long Beach (3-2)
MVP - Valerie Still, Columbus (25 points in game-5)

League disbanded during the season, no playoffs were ever contested.
Columbus Quest had the best record at the time the league folded.

Awards and Honors

YearABL MVP Award
1996-97 Nikki McCray, Columbus,  (19.9 ppg)
1997-98 Natalie Williams, Portland,   (21.9 ppg, 11.6 rpg)
1998-99League Disbanded during the season
YearDefensive Player of the Year
1996-97Debbie Black, Colorado
1997-98Yolanda Griffith, Long Beach
1998-99League Disbanded during the season
YearRookie of the Year
1996-97Crystal Robinson, Colorado
1997-98Shalonda Enis, Seattle
1998-99League Disbanded during the season
YearCoach of the Year 
1996-97Brian Agler, Columbus 
1997-98Lin Dunn, Portland 
1998-99League Disbanded during the season
YearAll Star Game,  (Most Valuable Player)
1996-97West 81 - East 65, (Tari Phillips, Colorado - 18 pts, 11 rbs)
1997-98West 102 - East 73,  (Shalonda Enis, Seattle - 15 pts)
1998-99League Disbanded during the season- No All Star Game


Annual All-Pro Teams


First TeamSecond Team
Teresa Edwards, AtlantaCarolyn Jones, New England      
Dawn Staley, Richmond      Debbie Black, Colorado
Natalie Williams, Portland Taj Williams, Richmond
Nikki McCray, Columbus     Cindy Brown, Seattle       
Adrienne Goodson, RichmondCrystal Robinson, Columbus
First TeamSecond Team
Teresa Edwards, AtlantaJennifer Azzi, San Jose
Yolanda Griffith, Long BeachShalonda Enis, Seattle
Carolyn Jones, New EnglandAdrienne Goodson, Philadelphia
Katie Smith, ColumbusDawn Staley, Philadelphia
Natalie Williams, PortlandValerie Still, Columbus
League Disbanded during the season


Annual Leaders

1996-97 Leaders  
Carolyn Jones Young, New England84721.2
Teresa Edwards, Atlanta84221.1
Nikki McCray, Columbus79719.9
Adrienne Goodson, Richmond69017.3
Crystal Robinson, Colorado68417.1
Cindy Brown, Seattle66517.5
Katie Smith, Columbus63115.8
Charlotte Smith-Taylor, Colorado62615.7
Tonya Edwards, Columbus62415.6
Dawn Staley, Richmond59714.9
Shanda Berry, New England56114.4
Sherri Sam, San Jose56114.4
Natalie Williams, Poretland55517.3
Clarissa Davis-Wrightsil, New Eng.41314.8
Natalie Williams, Portland40012.5
Taj McWilliams-Franklin, Richmond3408.5
Shanda Berry, New England3188.2
Cindy Brown, Seattle3168.3
Tari Phillips, Seattle2967.4
Adrienne Goodson, Richmond2917.3
Teresa Edwards, Atlanta2666.7
Crystal Robinson,  Colorado2636.6
Charlotte Smith-Taylor,  Colorado2596.5
Stacey Ford,  Portland2496.4
Debbie Black,  Colorado2406.0
Stacey Lovelace-Tolbert, Atlanta2376.1
Dawn Staley, Richmond3208.0
Debbie Black, Colorado2756.9
Teresa Edwards, Atlanta2526.3
Niesa Johnson, Atlanta2476.3
Jennifer Rizzotti, New England2315.8
Kate Paye, Seattle1744.4
Shannon Johnson, Columbus1513.8
Carolyn Jones Young, New England1293.2
Sonja Henning, San Jose1263.2
Sheri Sam, San Jose1173.0
Michelle Marciniak, Portland1162.9
Christy Hedgpeth, Seattle863.2
Debbie Black, Colorado1774.43
Dawn Staley, Richmond1112.78
Cindy Brown, Seattle1002.63
Teresa Edwards, Atlanta932.33
Niesa Johnson, Atlanta912.33
Blocked ShotsTotalAvg
Taj McWilliams-Franklin, Richmond581.45
Stacey Lovelace-Tolbert, Atlanta521.33
Val Whiting-Raymond, San Jose501.35
1997-98 Leaders  
Natalie Williams, Portland96421.91
Carolyn Jones Young, New England96321.89
Teresa Edwards, Atlanta89920.4
Yolanda Griffith, Long Beach82718.8
Katie Smith, Columbus76417.4
Adrienne Goodson, Philadelphia76117.7
Shalonda Enis, Seattle75418.0
Jennifer Azzi, San Jose65114.8
Val Whiting-Raymond, Seattle64515.4
Crystal Robinson, Colorado64214.9
Sheri Sam, San Jose62414.5
Stacey Lovelace-Tolbert, Atlanta61613.9
Edna Campbell, Colorado613??.?
Tari Phillips, Colorado61013.9
Dawn Staley, Philadelphia58213.2
Natalie Williams, Portland50811.5
Yolanda Griffith, Long Beach49311.2
Adrienne Goodson, Philadelphia3768.7
Tari Phillips, Colorado3608.2
Taj McWilliams-Franklin, Phil.3568.1
Shalonda Enis, Seattle3217.6
Valerie Still, Columbus3167.2
Sheri Sam, San Jose3057.1
Val Whiting-Raymond, Seattle3037.2
Dale Hodges, New England2976.8
Teresa Edwards, Atlanta2856.5
Venus Lacy, Long Beach2666.5
Katrina McClain, Atlanta2597.8
Charlotte Smith-Taylor, San Jose2526.0
Teresa Edwards, Atlanta2936.7
Dawn Staley, Philadelphia2866.5
Andrea Nagy, Long Beach2736.2
Debbie Black, Colorado2686.1
Jennifer Azzi, San Jose2245.1
Shannon Johnson, Columbus2154.9
Jennifer Rizzotti, New England1934.4
Elaine Powell, Portland1663.8
Crystal Robinson, Colorado1463.4
Kate Paye, Seattle1453.3
Beverly Williams, Long Beach1353.1
Kate Starbird, Seattle1353.1
Falisha Wright, Portland1313.9
Yolanda Griffith, Long Beach1383.14
Teresa Edwards, Atlanta1182.68
Debbie Black, Colorado1092.48
Valerie Still, Columbus1012.30
Dawn Staley, Philadelphia982.23
Blocked ShotsTotalAvg
Kara Wolters, New England641.45
Yolanda Griffith, Long Beach591.34
Natalie Williams, Portland501.14
1998-99 Leaders *  
Teresa Edwards, Philadelphia29421.0
Natalie Williams, Portland25819.9
Tonya Edwards, Columbus22716.2
Edna Campbell, Colorado22517.3
Kedra Holland-Corn, San Jose22014.7
Jennifer Azzi, San Jose21714.5
Shannon Johnson, Columbus21115.1
Adrienne Goodson, Chicago20717.3
Yolanda Griffith, Chicago20617.2
Shalonda Enis, Seattle20513.7
Kate Starbird, Seattle20413.6
Sheri Sam, San Jose20313.5
Clarisse Machanguana, San Jose20113.4
Yolanda Griffith, Chicago14712.3
Natalie Williams, Portland1299.9
Val Whiting, Seattle1278.5
Shalonda Enis, Seattle1208.0
Tari Phillips, Colorado1199.2
Taj McWilliams, Philaelphia1128.0
Vicki Hall, Nashville916.1
DeLisha Milton, Portland896.9
Sheri Sam, San Jose885.9
Adrienne Goodson, Chicago867.2
Andrea Nagy, Philadelphia906.4
Niesa Johnson, Seattle895.9
Teresa Edwards, Philadelphia795.6
Sonja Henning, Portland786.0
Jennifer Azzi, San Jose724.8
Debbie Black, Colorado655.0
Jennifer Rizzotti, New England564.3
Shannon Johnson, Columbus553.9
Elaine Powell, Portland503.9
Debbie Black, Colorado443.38
Teresa Edwards, Philadelphia412.93
Yolanda Griffith, Chicago393.35
Blocked ShotsTotalAvg
Taj Mcwilliams, Philidalphia211.50
Kara Wolters, New England161.23
Yolanda Griffith, Chicago151.25
Vicki Hall, Nashville151.00

League Disbanded during the season

(Theresa Edwards - 46 points in a game)


Career Leaders

Teresa Edwards203520.8
Carolyn Jones Young191021.5
Natalie Williams177720.0
Adrienne Goodson165817.5
Katie Smith143116.6
Edna Campbell140414.5
Tonya Edwards139215.1
Crystal Robinson138915.1
Sheri Sam138814.3
Tari Phillips135113.9
Val Whiting-Raymond130513.9
Stacey Lovelace-Tolbert124213.1
Charlotte Smith-Taylor123813.0
Dawn Staley117914.0
Taj McWilliams-Franklin117612.0
Clarissa Davis-Wrightsil111912.9
Shannon Johnson110411.3
Jennifer Azzi105115.0
Yolanda Griffith103318.4
Shalonda Enis95916.8
Niesa Johnson9439.6
Jennifer Rizzotti9199.5
Shanda Berry88510.7
Valerie Still88110.5
Kate Starbird76112.9
Katrina McClain41412.5
Natalie Williams103711.7
Taj McWilliams-Franklin8088.2
Tari Phillips7758.0
Adrienne Goodson7537.9
Val Whiting-Raymond6697.1
Yolanda Griffith64011.4
Teresa Edwards6186.3
Sheri Sam,6036.2
Charlotte Smith-Taylor5585.9
Shanda Berry5336.4
Valerie Still5326.3
Stacey Lovelace-Tolbert5315.6
Cindy Brown3168.3
Katrina McClain2597.8
Shalonda Enis4417.7
Teresa Edwards 6246.4
Debbie Black6086.3
Dawn Staley6067.2
Jennifer Rizzotti4805.0
Andrea Nagy4764.9
Niesa Johnson4614.7
Shannon Johnson4214.3
Kate Paye3503.5
Jennifer Azzi3485.0
Debbie Black3303.40
Teresa Edwards2522.57
Dawn Staley2092.49
Jennifer Rizzotti2072.13
Cindy Brown1002.63
Blocked ShotsTotalAvg
Taj McWilliams-Franklin1231.26
Natalie Williams1001.12
Stacey Lovelace-Tolbert951.00
Val Whiting-Raymond930.99
Kara Wolters801.40
Yolanda Griffith741.32
Free ThrowsTotal 
Carolyn Jones Young555 
Natalie Williams456 
Teresa Edwards447 
Adrienne Goodson416 
Val Whiting-Raymond378 
Charlotte Smith-Taylor346 
Jennifer Azzi323 
Teresa Edwards206 
Crystal Robinson203 
Katie Smith183 
Tonya Edwards159 
Edna Campbell154 
Dawn Staley149 
Kate Paye99 
Theresa Edwards98 
Niesa Johnson98 
Shannon Johnson98 
Taj McWilliams-Franklin98 
Sonja Tate98 


Other ABL Links:

Robert Bradley's ABL Web Page


Combined Statistical Totals (ABL-WNBA)


Katie Smith (ABL-WNBA) 5558
Lisa Leslie, (WNBA) 5412
Yolanda Griffith (ABL-WNBA) 4746
Natalie Williams (ABL-WNBA) 4671
Sheri Sam (ABL-WNBA) 4485
Sheryl Swoopes (WNBA) 4376
Adrienne Goodson (ABL-WNBA) 4363
Tina Thompson (WNBA) 4243
Taj McWilliams-Franklin (ABL-WNBA)4195
Shannon Johnson (ABL-WNBA) 4075
Natalie Williams (ABL-WNBA)2869
Lisa Leslie (WNBA)2863
Yolanda Griffith (ABL-WNBA)2741
Taj McWilliams-Franklin (ABL-WNBA)2622
Tari Phillips (ABL-WNBA)2044
Dawn Staley (ABL-WNBA) 1943
Ticha Penicheiro (WNBA) 1707
Shannon Johnson (ABL-WNBA) 1569
Teresa Weatherspoon (WNBA) 1338
Debbie Black (ABL-WNBA) 1220
Jennifer Azzi (ABL-WNBA) 986


Women's National Basketball Association (1997 - present)




YearChampionRunner-upResultPlayoff/Finals MVP
1997Houston CometsNew York Liberty1-0*Cynthia Cooper, Houston (28.0 ppg, 4.5 apg)
1998Houston CometsPhoenix Mercury2-1Cynthia Cooper, Houston (25.8 ppg)
1999Houston CometsNew York Liberty2-1Cynthia Cooper, Houston (20.3 ppg, 6.8 apg)
2000Houston CometsNew York Liberty2-1Cynthia Cooper, Houston (22.7 ppg)
2001Los Angeles SparksCharlotte Sting2-0Lisa Leslie, Los Angeles (24.0 ppg, 10.5 rpg)
2002Los Angeles SparksNew York Liberty2-0Lisa Leslie, Los Angeles (16.0 ppg, 8.0 rpg)
2003Detroit ShockLos Angeles Sparks2-1Ruth Riley, Detroit (14.7 ppg, 3.3 bpg)
2004Seattle StormConnecticut Sun2-1Betty Lennox, Seattle (22.3 ppg)
2005Sacramento MonarchsConnecticut Sun3-1Yolanda Griffith, Sacramento (18.5 ppg)
2006Detroit ShockSacramento Monarchs3-2Deanna Nolan, Detroit (17.8 ppg, 1.6 spg)
2007Sacramento MonarchsDetroit Shock3-2Cappie Pondexter, Sacramanto (22.6 ppg)
2008Detroit ShockSan Antonio Silver Stars3-0Katie Smith, Detroit (21.7 ppg)

* Note - 1997 was a one game Championship, Houston defeated New York 65-51

Playoff Results

Houston defeated Charlotte 1-0 (70-54)
New York defeated Phoenix 1-0 (59-44)
Houston defeated New York 1-0 (65-51

Houston defeated Charlotte 2-0
Phoenix defeated Cleveland 2-1
Houston defeated Phoenix 2-1

First Round
Charlotte defeated Detroit 1-0 (60-54)
Los Angeles defeated Sacramento 1-0 (71-58)
Conference Finals
East - New York defeated Charlotte 2-1
West - Houston defeated Los Angeles 2-1
Houston defeated New York 2-1

First Round
Cleveland defeated Orlando, 2-1
New York defeated Washington 2-0
Los Angeles defeated Phoenix 2-0
Houston defeated Sacramento 2-0
Conference Finals
East - New York defeated Cleveland 2-1
West - Houston defeated Los Angeles 2-0
Houston defeated New York 2-0

First Round
Charlotte defeated Cleveland 2-1
New York defeated Miami 2-1
Los Angeles defeated Houston 2-0
Sacramento defeated Utah 2-0
Conference Finals
East - Charlotte defeated New York 2-1
West - Los Angeles defeated Sacramento 2-1
Los Angeles defeated Charlotte 2-0

First Round
New York defeated Indiana 2-1
Washington defeated Charlotte 2-0
Los Angeles defeated Seattle 2-0
Utah defeated Houston 2-1
Conference Finals
East - New York defeated Washington 2-1
West - Los Angeles defeated Utah 2-0
Los Angeles defeated New York 2-0

First Round
Detroit defeated Cleveland 2-1
Connecticut defeated Charlotte 2-0
Los Angeles defeated Minnesota 2-1
Sacramento defeated Houston 2-1
Conference Finals
East - Detroit defeated Connecticut 2-0
West - Los Angeles defeated Sacramento 2-1
Detroit defeated Los Angeles 2-1

First Round
Connecticut defeated Washington 2-1
New York defeated Detroit 2-1
Seattle defeated Minnesota 2-0
Sacramento defeated Los Angeles 2-1
Conference Finals
East - Connecticut defeated New York 2-0
West - Seattle defeated Sacramento 2-1
Seattle defeated Connecticut 2-1

First Round
Connecticut defeated Detroit 2-0
Indiana defeated New York 2-0
Houston defeated Seattle 2-1
Sacramento defeated Los Angeles 2-0
Conference Finals
East - Connecticut defeated Indiana 2-0
West - Sacramento defeated Houston 2-0
Sacramento defeated Connecticut 3-1

First Round
Detroit defeated Indiana 2-0
Connecticut defeated Washington 2-0
Los Angeles defeated Seattle 2-1
Sacramento defeated Houston 2-0
Conference Finals
East - Detroit defeated Connecticut 2-1
West - Sacramento defeated Los Angeles 2-0
Detroit defeated Sacramento, 3-2

First Round 
Detroit defeated New York 2-1
Indiana defeated Connecticut 2-1
Phoenix defeated Seattle 2-0
San Antonio defeated Sacramento 2-1
Conference Finals
East - Detroit defeated Indiana 2-1
West - Phoenix defeated San Antonio 2-0
Phoenix defeated Detroit 3-2

First Round
Detroit defeated Indiana 2-1
New York defeated Connecticut 2-1
San Antonio defeated Sacramento 2-1
Los Angeles defeated Seattle 2-1
Conference Finals
East - Detroit defeated New York 2-1
West - San Antonio defeated Los Angeles 2-1
Detroit defeated San Antonio 3-0

Awards, Honors and Annual Leaders

YearMVP Award 
1997Cynthia Cooper, Houston Comets 
1998Cynthia Cooper, Houston Comets 
1999Yolanda Griffith, Sacramento Monarchs 
2000Sheryl Swoopes, Houston Comets 
2001Lisa Leslie, Los Angeles Sparks 
2002Sheryl Swoopes, Houston Comets 
2003Lauren Jackson, Seattle Storm 
2004Lisa Leslie, Los Angeles Sparks 
2005Sheryl Swoopes, Houston Comets  
2006Lisa Leslie, Los Angeles Sparks  
2007Lauren Jackson, Seattle Storm  
2008Candace Parker, Los Angeles Sparks  
YearScoring LeaderPPGPTS
1997Cynthia Cooper, Houston22.2621
1998Cynthia Cooper, Houston22.7680
1999Cynthia Cooper, Houston22.1686
2000Sheryl Swoopes, Houston20.7643
Katie Smith, Minnesota20.2646
2001Katie Smith, Minnesota23.1739
2002Chamique Holdsclaw, Washington19.9397
Tamika Catchings, Indiana18.6594
2003Lauren Jackson, Seattle21.2698
2004Lauren Jackson, Seattle20.5634
2005Sheryl Swoopes, Houston18.6614
2006Diana Taurasi, Phoenix25.3860
2007Lauren Jackson, Seattle23.8739
Seimone Augustus, Minnesota22.6769
2008Diana Taurasi, Phoenix24.1820
YearRebounding LeaderRPGRebnds
1997Lisa Leslie, Los Angeles9.5266
1998Lisa Leslie, Los Angeles10.2285
Cindy Brown, Detroit10.0301
1999Yolanda Griffith, Sacramento11.3329
2000Natalie Williams, Utah11.6336
2001Yolanda Griffith, Sacramento11.2357
2002Chamique Holdsclaw, Washington11.6232
Lisa Leslie, Los Angeles10.4322
2003Chamique Holdsclaw, Washington10.9294
Cheryl Ford, Detroit10.5334
2004Lisa Leslie, Los Angeles9.9336
2005Cheryl Ford, Detroit9.8322
2006Cheryl Ford, Detroit11.3363
2007Lauren Jackson, Seattle9.7300
2008Candace Parker, Los Angeles9.4313
YearAssist LeaderAPGAssts
1997Teresa Weatherspoon, New York5.9172
1998Ticha Penicheiro, Sacramento7.5224
1999Ticha Penicheiro, Sacramento7.1226
2000Ticha Penicheiro, Sacramento7.9236
2001Ticha Penicheiro, Sacramento7.5172
Teresa Weatherspoon, New York6.3203
2002Ticha Penicheiro, Sacramento8.0192
2003Ticha Penicheiro, Sacramento6.7229
2004Nikki Teasley, Los Angeles6.1207
2005Sue Bird, Seattle5.9176
Temeka Johnson, Washington5.2177
2006Nikki Teasley, Was5.4183
2007Becky Hammon, San Antonio5.0140
Lindsay Whalen, Connecticut4.97169
2008Lindsay Whalen, Connecticut5.4166
Ticha Penicheiro, Sacramento5.2172
YearRookie of the Year 
1997not awarded  
1998Tracy Reid, Charlotte 
1999Chamique Holdsclaw, Washington 
2000Betty Lennox, Minnesota 
2001Jackie Stiles, Portland 
2002Tamika Catchings, Indiana 
2003Cheryl Ford, Detroit 
2004Diana Taurasi, Phoenix 
2005Temeka Johnson, Washington  
2006Seimone Augustus, Minnesota  
2007Armintie Price, Chicago  
2008Candace Parker, Los Angeles  
YearDefensive Player of the Year 
1997Teresa Weatherspoon, New York 
1998Teresa Weatherspoon, New York 
1999Yolanda Griffith, Sacremento 
2000Sheryl Swoopes, Houston 
2001Debbie Black, Miami 
2002Sheryl Swoopes, Houston 
2003Sheryl Swoopes, Houston 
2004Lisa Leslie, Los Angeles 
2005Tamika Catchings, Indiana  
2006Tamika Catchings, Indiana  
2007Lauren Jackson, Seattle  
2008Lisa Leslie, Los Angeles  


WNBA All Star Game

1999West 79 - East 61Lisa Leslie, West (LA),  (13 pts, 5 rbs)
2000West 73 - East 61Tina Thompson, West (Houston),  (13 pts,11 rbs)
2001West 80 - East 72Lisa Leslie, West (LA),  (20 pts, 9 rbs)
2002West 81 - East 76Lisa Leslie, West (LA),  (18 pts, 14 rbs)
2003West 84 - East 75Nikki Teasley, West (LA),  (10 pts, 6 rbs, 6 asts)
2004 *Team USA 74 - WNBA 58

Yolanda Griffith, Team USA (11 pts, 15 rbs)

2005West 122 - East 99Sheryl Swoopes, West (Houston), (15 pts)
2006East 98 - West 82Katie Douglas, East (CT), (16 pts, 5 rbs)
2007East 103 - West 99Cheryl Ford, East (Det), (16 pts, 13 rbs)
2008Not Held

Summer Olympics in China

The US Olympic Team (Consisting of the best players in the WNBA) played an WNBA All Star Team instead of the traditional All-Star format of years past.


All -WNBA Teams

First Team
Eva Nemcova, Forward, Cleveland Rockers
Tina Thompson, Forward, Houston Comets
Lisa Leslie, Center, Los Angeles Sparks
Cynthia Cooper, Guard, Houston Comets
Ruthie Bolton-Holifield, Guard, Sacramento Monarchs 
Second Team
Wendy Palmer, Forward, Utah Starzz
Rebecca Lobo, Forward, New York Liberty
Jennifer Gillom, Center, Phoenix Mercury
Teresa Weatherspoon, Guard, New York Liberty
Andrea Stinson, Guard, Charlotte Sting

First Team
Tina Thompson, Forward, Houston Comets
Sheryl Swoopes, Forward, Houston Comets
Jennifer Gillom, Center, Phoenix Mercury
Suzie McConnell Serio, Guard, Cleveland Rockers
Cynthia Cooper, Guard, Houston Comets 
Second Team
Eva Nemcova, Forward, Cleveland Rockers
Cindy Brown, Forward, Detroit Shock
Lisa Leslie, Center, Los Angeles Sparks
Teresa Weatherspoon, Guard, New York Liberty
Andrea Stinson, Guard, Charlotte Sting 

First Team
Sheryl Swoopes, Forward, Houston Comets
Natalie Williams, Forward, Utah Starzz
Yolanda Griffith, Center, Sacramento Monarchs
Cynthia Cooper, Guard, Houston Comets
Ticha Penicheiro, Guard, Sacramento Monarchs 
Second Team
Chamique Holdsclaw, Forward, Washington Mystics
Tina Thompson, Forward, Houston Comets
Lisa Leslie, Center, Los Angeles Sparks
Teresa Weatherspoon, Guard, New York Liberty
Shannon Johnson, Guard, Orlando Miracle 

First Team
Sheryl Swoopes, Forward, Houston Comets
Natalie Williams, Forward, Utah Starzz
Lisa Leslie, Center, Los Angeles Sparks
Cynthia Cooper, Guard, Houston Comets
Ticha Penicheiro, Guard, Sacramento Monarchs 
Second Team
Katie Smith, Forward, Minnesota Lynx
Tina Thompson, Forward, Houston Comets
Yolanda Grifith, Center, Sacramento Monarchs
Teresa Weatherspoon, Guard, New York Liberty
Betty Lennox, Minnesota Lynx
Shannon Johnson, Orlando Miracle, Guard

First Team
Katie Smith, Forward, Minnesota Lynx 
Natalie Williams, Forward, Utah Starzz
Lisa Leslie, Center, Los Angeles Sparks
Janeth Arcain, Guard, Houston Comets
Merlakia Jones, Guard, Cleveland Rockers 
Second Team
Tina Thompson, Forward, Houston Comets
Chamique Holdsclaw, Forward, Washington Mystics
Yolanda Grifith, Center, Sacramento Monarchs
Ticha Penicheiro, Guard, Sacramento Monarchs
Tamecka Dixon, Guard, Los Angeles Sparks

First Team
Tamika Catchings, Forward, Indiana Fever
Sheryl Swoopes, Forward, Houston Comets
Lisa Leslie, Center, Los Angeles Sparks
Sue Bird, Guard, Seattle Storm
Mwadi Mabika, Guard, Los Angeles Sparks 
Second Team
Tina Thompson, Forward, Houston Comets
Chamique Holdsclaw, Forward, Washington Mystics
Tari Phillips, Center, New York Liberty 
Katie Smith, Guard, Minnesota Lynx
Shannon Johnson, Guard, Orlando Miracle 

First Team
Lauren Jackson, Forward, Seattle Storm
Tamika Catchings, Forward, Indiana Fever
Lisa Leslie, Center, Los Angeles Sparks
Katie Smith, Guard, Minnesota Lynx
Sue Bird, Guard, Seattle Storm 
Second Team
Sheryl Swoopes, Forward, Houston Comets
Swin Cash, Forward, Detroit Shock
Cheryl Ford, Center, Detroit Shock
Nikki Teasley, Guard, Los Angeles Sparks
Deanna Nolan, Guard, Detroit Shock 

First Team
Lauren Jackson, Forward, Seattle Storm
Tina Thompson, Forward, Houston Comets
Lisa Leslie, Center, Los Angeles Sparks
Diana Taurasi, Guard, Phoenix Mercury
Sue Bird, Guard, Seattle Storm 
Second Team
Tamika Catchings, Forward, Indiana Fever
Swin Cash, Forward, Detroit Shock
Yolanda Griffith, Center, Sacramento Monarchs
Nikki Teasley, Guard, Los Angeles Sparks
Nykesha Sales, Guard, Connecticut Sun 

First Team
Lauren Jackson, Forward, Seattle Storm
Sheryl Swoopes, Forward, Houston Comets
Yolanda Griffith, Center, Sacramento Monarchs
Deanna Nolan, Guard, Detroit Shock
Sue Bird, Guard, Seattle Storm 
Second Team
Tamika Catchings, Forward, Indiana Fever
Taj McWilliams-Franklin, Forward, Connecticut Sun
Lisa Leslie, Center, Los Angeles Sparks
Becky Hammon, Guard, New York Liberty
Diana Taurasi, Guard, Phoenix Mercury 

First Team
Lisa Leslie, Center, Los Angeles Sparks 
Diana Taurasi, Guard, Phoenix Mercury
Tamika Catchings, Forward, Indiana Fever
Lauren Jackson, Forward, Seattle Storm
Katie Douglas, Guard, Connecticut Sun 
Second Team
Cheryl Ford, Center, Detroit Shock 
Alana Beard, Guard, Washington Mystics
Taj McWilliams-Franklin, Forward, Connecticut Sun
Seimone Augustus, Guard, Minnesota Lynx 
Sheryl Swoopes, Forward, Houston Comets 

First Team
Lauren Jackson, Center, Seattle Storm 
Becky Hammon, Guard, San Antonio Silver Stars
Diana Taurasi, Forward, Phoenix Mercury
Deanna Nolan, Guard, Detroit Shock
Penny Taylor, Forward, Phoenix Mercury
Second Team
Tamika Catchings, Forward, Indiana Fever
Katie Douglas, Guard, Connecticut Sun
Tina Thompson, Center, Houston Comets
Seimone Augustus, Guard, Minnesota Lynx 
Sophia Young, Forward, San Antonio Silver Stars 

First Team
Candace Parker, Forward, Los Angeles Sparks
Lisa Leslie, Center, Los Angeles Sparks
Lindsay Whalen, Guard, Connecticut Sun
Diana Taurasi, Guard/Forward, Phoenix Mercury
Sophia Young, Forward, San Antonio Silver Stars
Second Team
Sue Bird, Guard, Seattle Storm 
Becky Hammon, Guard, San Antonio Silver Stars
Asjha Jones, Forward, Connecticut Sun
Deanna Nolan, Guard/Forward, Detroit Shock
Lauren Jackson, Center, Seattle Storm


WNBA 10th Anniversary All-Decade Team
Sue Bird, Seattle Storm (2002-Current) 
Tamika Catchings, Indiana Fever (2001-Current) 
Cynthia Cooper, Houston Comets (1997-2000, 2003) 
Yolanda Griffith, Sacramento Monarchs (1999-Current) 
Lauren Jackson, Seattle Storm (2001-Current) 
Lisa Leslie, Los Angeles Sparks (1997-Current) 
Katie Smith, Minnesota Lynx (1999-2005), Detroit Shock (2005-Current) 
Dawn Staley, Charlotte Sting (1999-2005), Houston Comets (2005-Current) 
Sheryl Swoopes, Houston Comets (1997-Current) 
Tina Thompson, Houston Comets (1997-Current) 

Honorable Mentions
Ruthie Bolton, Sacramento Monarchs (1997-2004) 
Chamique Holdsclaw, Washington Mystics (1999-2004), Los Angeles Sparks (2005-Current) 
Ticha Penicheiro, Sacramento Monarchs (1998-Current) 
Diana Taurasi ,Phoenix Mercury (2004-Current) 
Teresa Weatherspoon, New York Liberty (1997-2003), Los Angeles Sparks (2004)


Career Leaders

Lisa Leslie 590917.4
Tina Thompson 542416.3
Katie Smith 507715.9
Sheryl Swoopes 460415.8
Lauren Jackson 460219.4
Yolanda Griffith 421913.7
Tangela Smith 412311.9
Vickie Johnson 403910.7
Chamique Holdsclaw 397517.7
Nykesha Sales 395514.2
Taj McWilliams-Franklin376212.3
DeLisha Milton-Jones360612.1
Mwadi Mabika 357210.5
Tamika Catchings 353516.7
Betty Lennox 347912.9
Becky Hammon 347612.1
Chasity Melvin 343610.6
Shannon Johnson 341710.7
Deanna Nolan 341213.1
Diana Taurasi 339820.3
Tamecka Dixon 336810.3
Sheri Sam 335310.2
Andrea Stinson 335112.3
Tamika Whitmore 325810.0
Margo Dydek 322010.0
Wendy Palmer 314010.1
Katie Douglas 309412.5
Jennifer Gillom 289613.1
Natalie Williams 289413.4
Sue Bird 284112.6
Alana Beard 263616.3
Cynthia Cooper 260120.9
Nikki McCray 255010.1
Dawn Staley 22269.4
Ticha Penicheiro 22056.5
Ruthie Bolton218310.0
Seimone Augustus 210421.3
Ruth Riley19007.5
Cheryl Ford186711.2
Jennifer Azzi12889.5
Teresa Weatherspoon12645.0
Candace Parker61018.5
Lisa Leslie 31569.2
Yolanda Griffith 24377.9
Taj McWilliams-Franklin22227.3
Tina Thompson 22116.7
Margo Dydek 21436.6
Lauren Jackson 18878.0
Chamique Holdsclaw 18628.3
Tangela Smith 18565.3
Natalie Williams 18328.3
Wendy Palmer 18255.9
Chasity Melvin 18015.5
DeLisha Milton-Jones17575.9
Cheryl Ford 169210.1
Tamika Catchings 16477.8
Murriel Page 16034.5
Michelle Snow 15756.8
Vickie Johnson 15334.1
Tammy Sutton-Brown 14795.7
Sheryl Swoopes 14605.0
Sheri Sam 13564.1
Ticha Penicheiro 20236.0
Shannon Johnson 13724.3
Teresa Weatherspoon 13385.2
Dawn Staley 13375.1
Sue Bird 12465.5
Vickie Johnson 11283.0
Sheryl Swoopes 9613.3
Tamecka Dixon 9242.8
Nikki Teasley 9235.0
Katie Smith 8952.8
Becky Hammon 8763.0
Lisa Leslie 8252.4
Deanna Nolan 8143.1
Andrea Stinson 8103.0
Lindsay Whalen 8085.0
Tamika Catchings 7903.7
Diana Taurasi6794.1
Jennifer Azzi6384.5
Michele Timms5514.8
Ticha Penicheiro6551.93
Sheryl Swoopes 6322.17
Tamika Catchings 5322.51
Yolanda Griffith 5291.72
Nykesha Sales 4901.76
Lisa Leslie 4761.40
Shannon Johnson 4671.47
Teresa Weatherspoon 4651.83
Vicky Bullett3531.90
Alana Beard2921.80
Blocked ShotsTotalAvg
Margo Dydek 8772.72
Lisa Leslie 7892.32
Lauren Jackson 4852.05
Tangela Smith 4521.30
Ruth Riley 3931.55
Tammy Sutton-Brown 3921.51
Taj McWilliams-Franklin 3271.07
Yolanda Griffith 3211.04
Elena Baranova 3201.53
Vicky Bullett2881.55
3-Point Field GoalsTotal 
Katie Smith 674 
Tina Thompson 495 
Becky Hammon 482 
Crystal Robinson 426 
Diana Taurasi 423 
Free ThrowsTotal 
Lisa Leslie 1412 
Katie Smith 1253 
Yolanda Griffith 1225 
Tina Thompson 1099 
Lauren Jackson 1059 
Games PlayedTotal 
Vickie Johnson 378 
Murriel Page 354 
Tangela Smith 347 


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