The Incredible Edible Cell

You are to demonstrate and “cell-a-brate” your mastery of cell biology by completing a project.  You will be making an edible cell that you will bring in and present to the class. You will be assigned either a plant or animal cell to make.  You will be presenting your cell to the class and you are expected to show that you know all the major organelles and their location in a typical Eukaryotic cell. At the bottom of this page you will see a rubric that I will be using to grade your project as well as a chart you will need to fill in with the appropriate information about each organelle. 

 Each model must include ALL of the following organelles:

Cytoplasm                           Lysosomes                                        Vacuole

Nucleolus                            Cell Membrane                                  Nucleus

Ribosomes                           Endoplasmic Reticulum(smooth and rough)                     

Golgi Apparatus                   Mitochondria                                         

Cell Wall (plant cells)            Chloroplasts (plant cells)          

Making of the incredible edible? cell model:

·      Using edible materials build a model of a plant or animal cell.  Choose food that accurately represents the structure of each organelle- for example shape and size (scale) is similar to the real organelles.

·      Fill in the chart to indicate which material you used to represent each of the         structures. Ask Mr. Fiero for this chart.

·      Please bring the cell project on/in a disposable container that you do not need returned.

Grades will be generally be based on the following:

·      Name, Date, and Period on the project.

·      The cell type (plant or animal) is labeled.

·      All major organelles correctly labeled with the correct structure.

·      Good description of the function of the each organelle.

·      Model must be less than 30 centimeters on any side.

·      You can use any materials as long as they are not poisonous or noxious (stinky).

·       A well made key exists so I know which edible object represents each organelle

Creative/Colorful/Interesting/Originality will always be a positive trait to look for while grading.  

Attached is a grading rubric which I will be using along with the above criteria to grade your project as well as a chart you will need to complete and turn in with your cell model that contains the information about each organelle. 

Ashley Butka,
Oct 7, 2010, 4:43 PM
Ashley Butka,
Oct 7, 2010, 8:30 PM