Green Infrastructure Planning

Green infrastructure (green roofs, rain gardens, bioswales, etc.) is one popular strategy that cities use to enhance resilience and provide multiple ecosystem services. Yet my research shows that in practice, green infrastructure studies and plans tend to focus on one or a few benefits and do not evaluate synergies or tradeoffs. This is problematic because the spatial distribution of green infrastructure has important justice implications. In this area of my research, I seek to unpack the complexities of green infrastructure planning and its various social and ecological benefits.

Illustrative Publications

  • Meerow, Sara and Joshua Newell. 2017. “Spatial planning for multifunctional green infrastructure: Growing resilience in Detroit” Landscape and Urban Planning. Link
  • Zhang, Zhenzhen, Sara Meerow, Joshua P. Newell, Mark Lindquist. 2019. “Enhancing Landscape Connectivity through Multifunctional Green Infrastructure Corridor Modeling and Design.” Urban Forestry & Urban Greening. Link

Ongoing projects