Roy Levy


I am an Associate Professor in the T. Denny Sanford School of Social & Family Dynamics at Arizona State University, specializing in Measurement and Statistical Analysis. My research and teaching interests include methodological investigations and applications in psychometrics and statistical modeling, focusing on item response theory, structural equation modeling, and Bayesian approaches to inference and modeling. I also work in areas of assessment design, focusing on evidentiary principles and applications in simulation-based assessments. Here you can find information on my courses, papers and software, and information on my book with Bob Mislevy, Bayesian Psychometric Modeling.

Courses I Teach

Advanced Bayesian Statistical Analyses: Bayesian Psychometric Modeling (CDE 591) Syllabus

Bayesian Analyses in the Social Sciences (CDE 591) Syllabus

Advanced Topics in Item Response Theory (EDP 691) Syllabus

Introduction to Item Response Theory (EDP 691) Syllabus

Introduction to Measurement in the Social Sciences (CDE 591) Syllabus

Structural Equation Modeling in Educational Research (EDP 654) Syllabus

Multiple Regression and Correlation Methods (EDP 552) Syllabus

Introduction to Data Analysis (EDP/COE 502) Syllabus

Representative Methodological Publications (Full CV here)


Levy, R., & Mislevy, R. J. (2016). Bayesian psychometric modeling. Boca Raton, FL: Chapman & Hall/CRC. More information on the book available here.

Levy, R., Xu, Y., Yel, N. & Svetina, D. (2015). A standardized generalized dimensionality discrepancy measure and a standardized model-based covariance for dimensionality assessment for mulitidimensional models. Journal of Educational Measurement, 52, 144-158.

Levy, R., & Choi, J. (2013). Bayesian structural equation modeling. In G.R. Hancock and R.O. Mueller (Eds.), Structural equation modeling: A second course (2nd ed., pp. 563-623). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

Levy, R. (2013). Psychometric and evidentiary advances, opportunities, and challenges for simulation-based assessment. Educational Assessment, 18, 182-207.

Mislevy, R. J., Behrens, J. T., DiCerbo, K. E., & Levy, R. (2012). Design and discovery in educational assessment: Evidence-centered design, psychometrics, and educational data mining. Journal of Educational Data Mining, 4, 11-48.

Rupp, A. A., Levy, R., DiCerbo, K. E., Sweet, S., Crawford, A. V., Calico, T., Benson, M., Fay, D., Kunze, K. L., Mislevy, R. J., & Behrens, J. T. (2012). Putting ECD into practice: The interplay of theory and data in evidence models within a digital learning environment. Journal of Educational Data Mining, 4, 49-110.

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Levy, R., & Mislevy, R. J (2004). Specifying and refining a measurement model for a computer-based interactive assessment. International Journal of Testing, 4, 333-369.

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