SK Day 2012

Sonia Kovalevsky High School Mathematics Day
at ASU at the West campus

March 10, 2012

Kiva Lecture Hall


In an effort to be more GREEN we ask all attendees to please bring their own reusable water bottle. We will have dispensers with filtered water on hand so that you can fill your personal water bottles throughout the day.


Keynote address by Dr Robyn McKay
Counseling Psychologist at ASU

SmartGirls 2012
For smart girls to flourish, they need more than just their intellect. Creativity, emotional intelligence, and mentors each have a unique place in a bright girl’s life. Join creativity researcher and ASU counselor Dr. Robyn McKay for a special conversation about the milestones and danger zones that smart girls encounter. Find out what parents can do to uplift, support, defend, and applaud their bright and talented daughters.

Teacher's session led by Dr Jane Legacy
Clinical Associate Professor, ASU Division of Teacher Prep

Creating iPad Applications for your Classroom

Career Path Panel moderated by Dr Nura Patani
Visiting Assistant Professor, ASU School of Mathematical & Statistical Sciences

Mathematics Competition sponsored by the ASU Student Chapter of the
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics