SK Day 2010

The 2010 keynote speaker was Dr. Goran Kojevod. Dr. Konjevod is a world renowned origami artist and a professor in the department of Computer Science and Engineering.

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Goran Konjevod

Title: Mathematics and Art

Abstract:     Is mathematics art?  Is art mathematics?  Obviously, the two cannot be the same!  Or can they? My goal in this talk is to convince you that not only is the intersection of mathematics and art nonempty, but that most great mathematics contains art and most great art contains mathematics. In some cases this is clear, but the connection is almost always present even when it is not obvious. In fact, I believe it is the same type of creativity that leads to breakthroughs in art as in mathematics. I will illustrate these claims using famous works of both art and mathematics, as well as some attempts of my own. There will be hands on applications using origami paper folding.

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