"I have no certainties, at most probabilities
Renato Caccioppoli

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Currently I am working as a PhD student and Research Assistant in the Interactive Robotics Lab with Heni Ben Amor at Arizona State University, USA. My research area lies in the intersection of Machine Learning and Robotics.

My focus is on the development of reinforcement learning algorithms with integrated dimensionality reduction and their application on real world robotic scenarios. I am especially interested in methods which are efficient in respect to required sample sizes and thus enabling fast learning in the real world without the use of simulations.

My day to day work is a mix of theoretical as well as practical work in the lab.

In the past I worked with different other groups: During my stay in Finland 2015 I collaborated with the Intelligent Robotics group lead by Ville Kyrki at Aalto University. In my Bachelor's and Master's study I worked with the Intelligent Autonomous Systems lab lead by Jan Peters and the Computational Learning for Autonomous Systems Group lead by Gerhard Neumann, both located at the Technical University Darmstadt, Germany.

Research Interest: I am interested in sample efficient reinforcement learning algorithms applied on robotic applications.