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Non-human Primate Research

Image sourced from: Kathy West, California National Primate Research Center Date accessed 7/13/2016


We analyze the genetics of primate research colonies to ensure reliable studies. We often test macaques for blood type, which must be established before many biomedical studies. We also characterize the genetic diversity and composition of these colonies, which can cause variation in clinical outcomes

Image sourced from: Sree Kanthaswamy, Batu Caves (Malaysia)  Date accessed 7/13/2016


We study the admixture and ancestry of wild primate populations to understand their evolutionary history and population structure, which can be used in conservation efforts and to provide information for research colonies. 

Image sourced from: Kathy West , California National Primate Research Center  Date accessed 7/13/2016


We study different diseases and disorders in primates to understand why they get sick and to provide insights towards treatments. 

Image sourced from: Srichan Bunlungsup, Chulalongkorn University Primate Research Unit/Arizona State University Kanthaswamy DNA Lab


We are interested in the evolution of the different primate taxa, especially in regard to investigating subspecies relationships.