Faulkner and Love

Faulkner and Love: The Women Who Shaped His Art, A Biography
by Judith L. Sensibar

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Chosen as Outstanding Title for 2009 by Choice Magazine

Finalist for the 2009 Marfield Prize, National Award for Arts Writing


“A fascinating, rich, and important book.”
—Deborah Clarke, Times Literary Supplement

"A major biography. . . . Essential."

“A breakthrough account of how the Nobel author’s imagination was forged from infancy by three women . . . . an indispensable addition to Faulkner scholarship . . . scrupulously documented, brilliantly insightful  . . . "
—Alexander Theroux, Boston Globe (Front page)

“A revisionist, paradigm-shifting biography . . . a remarkable, original work of scholarship. . . . Faulkner and Love is a treasure-trove of material—a riveting read.”
Minrose C. Gwin, The Southern Literary Journal

“The portrait of Faulkner that emerges from this book is layered, complex, and absolutely fascinating. Sensibar offers a new way of apprehending his world and of understanding how he was shaped as a thinker and a writer.”
Thadious M. Davis, author of Games of Property: Law, Race, Gender, and Faulkner’s Go Down, Moses and Nella Larsen: Novelist of the Harlem Rennaissance

“In this moving and remarkable biographical study . . . Sensibar explores as never before the influence of three women in particular: . . . All future biographers of Faulkner must take into account her findings . . . .”
M. Thomas Inge, Richmond Times Dispatch

“Judith Sensibar has enriched our understanding of Faulkner’s life, humanizing it, making it less mystifying, in an im por tant sense, by placing the development and nurturing of his immense imagination into a network of loving relationships with three women. Faulkner and Love deepens our sense of what Faulkner meant when he offered, so often and in so many forms, that we are the products of our passions and our desires.”
—Joseph R. Urgo, author of Novel Frames: Literature as a Guide to Race, Sex, and History in American Culture

“A fascinating account of [Faulkner’s] racial and sexual education in the racially divided American South.”
—Nigel Rodenhurst, Times Higher Education Supplement

“Exploring the emotional and creative energies Faulkner derived from his close relationships with three generations of white and black  women, Judith Sensibar provides an original and revealing portrait of his life and his writing.”
—Eric J. Sundquist, author of Faulkner: The House Divided and To Wake the Nations: Race in the Making of American Literature

“Sometimes a book . . . changes how one sees a subject. That is the case with Judith Sensibar’s study of Faulkner, his mammy, his mother and his wife.”
—Adrian Frazier, Irish Times 

“A remarkable work of sleuthing, researching, and interpreting. Sensibar has used every resource in print, and has buttressed all that information with countless oral interviews to provide a myriad of insights into Faulkner.”
—Linda Wagner-Martin, author of "Favored Strangers": Gertrude Stein and her Family and Telling Women's Lives: The New Biography

“Judith Sensibar’s magisterial new book tells how the fraught, obsessive relationships with the  women in [Faulkner’s] life permeated ev ery aspect of his art and life. Faulkner and Love places Maud Butler, Caroline Barr, and his wife Estelle Oldham Faulkner back where they belong at the center of his work and illuminates the obsessions that impelled him to write the greatest novels of the 20th century.”
—Diane Roberts, author of Dream State and commentator for Public Radio International