CSE591 - Data Visualization, Spring 2015

This course is currently offered by Dr. Sharon Hsiao in Spring 2015 at CIDSE, ASU.
Please refer to the syllabus for an overview of the course.

CSE494 (26523) / CSE591 (14815) - Special Topic: Data Visualization

Instructor: Dr. Sharon Hsiao 

Office Hour: Monday 2-5pm & by appointment

Class Meeting: Monday & Wednesday 12pm--1:15pm

Location: BYAC 110

TA: Louis Lu  
Email: lyihan at asu dot edu

*All emails must include "CSE578:DataViz" in the subject title.

Data Visualization

Amidst the information flood in which we are currently immersed, visualizations can be a well-placed treetop. The rise of big data has the potential to inform decisions, and visual representations can play a crucial intermediate role in our daily information consumption. This course will cover techniques and algorithms for creating effective visualizations based on principles from graphic design, visual art, perceptual psychology, and cognitive science to enhance the understanding of complex data.