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Bagging Dates 2008

Sept. 13, 2008 Ali Salih teaches the finer points of bagging dates.
Date bunches are draped across lower fronds to support the spathe.


Ali Salih weaves the sharp frond spines to field close a bag.


If no tree ties are handy the spines can be used to close the top of the bag.


Delicious rare Menesco dates ready to share and eat.


The dates on the left are striveled because its heavy weight pinched off the supply of nutrients from the spathe.


Low hanging dates can be kept off the ground by draping the bunch over lower fronds until you are ready to bag them.  Dates will rot if they rest on the ground.



This heavy bunch had to be cabled to the strongest center of the palm


Invasive plants in the water wells grow quickly.

Spoilt dates.  This bunch was eaten by birds and Cetonid beetles.


Too many dates per strand.  Dates size will be smaller.