AAS, BGS, MSc, MEdGC, MS, MA, PhD, (DBH exp. 2017-18)

Dr. Garcia's mission is to educate and motivate!  She teaches college students, senior adults, USA athletes, and Jr. NBA - WNBA players.  She is also a Multidisciplinary professor at Personal Professors Academy and an advocate of health and crime prevention via sport, physical activity, and recreation.  In addition to her post-secondary teaching Dr. Garcia has several publications and has most recently been awarded Editor-in-Chief of The International Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Dr. Garcia began offering Jr. NBA - WNBA scholarships in 2011 in honor of her late Mother and launched her "Dr. Robelyn Garcia Scholars" in 2015 after her induction to the Dodge City College Athletic Hall of Fame.  

She has a Ph.D. in Education Administration, a M.S. in Kinesiology/Exercise Science, a Graduate Certificate in Biogerontology, and a Master's of Science in Aging and Lifespan Development.  She currently has a Fellowship in the ASU Graduate Studies Program and is teaching classes, designing research, and just completed a Master's of Arts in Criminal Justice specializing in Elder Law, Criminology and Life-Course Crime Prevention in May, 2014.  Garcia is presently a doctoral scholar in the Doctor of Behavioral Health program in the ASU College of Health Solutions.

Garcia was a collegiate All-American and 4-time WBA All-Star professional basketball player.  She won the first World Championship with the Kansas Crusaders of the Women’s Basketball Association (WBA) in 1993.  Robelyn, nicknamed "Robbie", also led the nation in scoring while playing at Dodge City College where she was inducted in to the 2015 Hall of Fame.  In addition, Garcia was a Biomechanics Kinesiology Professor for 20 years, the President of the Jr. NBA - Jr. WNBA Charter Program for 15 years and is currently a Special Olympic Volunteer Coach, Bicycle Philanthropist and the Vice President of American Community Team Sports. 

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